Too Scared to Love

Romance Too Scared to Love

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Too Scared to Love

Who is this troubled and compelling man she’s come to work for?

When Roberta travels to a multimillionaire’s house to work as a live-in au pair, she’s captivated by the man who appears before her. Grant is manly and handsome… Can this man, who exudes such a dangerous aura, really be her employer? When he sees Roberta, he accuses her of dressing like his late wife to try to curry his favor. Roberta is aghast at the accusation! Confused and troubled, she finds herself pinned by Grant’s strong gaze…

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both had bad parts in the past 3  3

The hero and heroine have one of those bad first impressions of each other where the hero sees the heroine who's looks similar to his wife that he despises for her extorting money and marriage from him through their daughter. The heroine doesn't like the hero because he's got a handsome face like her scam-artist of an ex. Basically, we have once bitten and twice people. Yet, the two manage to make an impression on each other in the positive spectrum. The hero discovers the heroine has words of wisdom that help him in repairing his relationship with his teenage daughter. The heroine learns the hero has a good side to him, a side that her ex never had. However, the heroine beats around the bush with her developing relationship with the hero. The hero has no problem is steaming ahead to the bedroom as well as using the heroine as his partner in order to seal a huge deal with a rather conservative businessman. It isn't long before they fall into an intimate relationship. However, the heroine is worried where their relationship will lead to in the end. A week of peace passes before the turmoil surfaces again and in a bad way. The hero announces without the heroine even consenting (as in he never asked her) that they're engaged in front of everyone like the daughter. Once they're alone, crud hits the fan with how the hero needs the heroine to act more and how the daughter will need a mother figure. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and have the heroine reveal just how badly her ex hurt her. The hero pushes her into a corner with the daughter calling her mom and if she wants to break up the fake engagement then she'll have to tell everyone it was fake. The heroine panics and bolts out of the door. She runs into the hero two weeks later who gives her the retell of what has happened since she has been gone. I was a little angry over the manager letting some strange man into his tenant's house just because he stated he was of some relation; made me feel uneasy. The hero rant a bit on the heroine then he too opens up about his relationship of his ex-wife who was a manipulator and a horrible mother. Then how bad he felt about feeling a bit relieved when she died. The two confess their love for each other and we get a happy ending.

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