The Earl and the Pickpocket

Historical Romance The Earl and the Pickpocket

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The Earl and the Pickpocket

Will this London pickpocket be able to steal the heart of a gentleman?

After her father died, Edwina’s uncle was determined to marry her off to a strange earl. Without any other options, she decided to dress like a boy, run away and call herself Ed. But out on her own, she fell into the hands of a man who forced her into pickpocketing on the streets of London. One day she’s saved by a handsome gentleman named Adam and taken to his mansion. When Adam sees that Ed is actually a beautiful woman, he’s surprised at first but, taken in by her charms, he decides to make her an offer…

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Good story, if a bit rushed. 3  3

Maybe even 3.5. It's an unfortunate fact of adaption that the artist must pick and choose just how much of the original novel they can fit into a graphic adaptation. Some try to include too much and the story gets complicated and busy; the story gets bogged down in the details. Some don't include enough and the story hops and skips and the reader is left trying to puzzle out what goes in the gaps. This story suffers from neither of these issues, but I fear adaptation still took a toll. The story felt a bit rushed and superficial. There was drama and a dastardly villain out for revenge, but it seemed that the tension and the angst such a situation could have wrought just wasn't there. On the other hand, all the details and connections needed to keep the story flowing smoothly were right where they needed to be, and the art was enjoyable, so I have no regrets in its purchase. I suspect I'll appreciate having it in my library.

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The Artist and Lady in Rags. 4  4

The hero has been living on the streets since her guardian was ready to have her marry a rotten noble off the street. During her time as a street urchin, she runs into the hero who offers her money to find a boy that he's been searching for years. The heroine is unable to and is rescued by the hero when her Sykes comes down on her. The hero gets a real surprise when he finds out the "boy" he rescued is really a girl. He also notices her speech, and posture aren't just something of a woman but of a lady with class. He figures later of her noble name after having her pose as his latest model, something that ticks off his last model. Not only that, their time together seems to lighten up the place with laughter and it helps them open up to their past. The hero reveals his connections of being the nephew to man the heroine's uncle was pushing her to marry. The man was the lowest of low who would smile as he bragged about murdering people and he took his own own nephew & tossed him to the next person when his daughter daughter because his father was a stablehand that he killed. It's the very boy that the hero has been looking for. The hero also insists the heroine meet with her uncle and she learns the other side of the story of how her father gambled his way and with the evil uncle closing his ranks on the other uncle, she sees the pressure he was under. Later, she's confronted by her Sykes who claims he has the boy, so she sneaks away and gets the boy safely to the hero. The hero and heroine seem to pursue a more intimate relationship right after but their surroundings of being back in the cold mansion of the evil noble sets them off. Then, one night, a fire breaks out that consumes the mansion and Sykes who started in revenge for the two main characters of foiling his plans. Luckily, everyone (except Sykes) makes it out alive. They see the mansion burning as a sign to bury the past a make a new start. The two do just that by turning the people around them into a new family with some new members. I found it to be a good story. P.S., the reason why I called the man "Sykes" was because he looked and acted like Sykes from "Oliver Twist".

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