Marriage by Contract

Romance Marriage by Contract

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Marriage by Contract

Could a classified ad lead to true love?

Nicole, a journalist, was intrigued by a newspaper ad her roommates were discussing. Her roommates said the person who placed the ad to find a wife must be either very ugly or very old. Nicole told them not to pass judgment. She was curious about the mysterious ad, so she called the number to make an appointment. Figuring the meeting would make for an interesting article, she showed up at the address provided only to find herself in front of a mansion! And the man who’d placed the ad wasn’t ugly at all—he was an incredibly attractive man with demons in his past.

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first time grandpa 3  3

I was surprised to have a hero in his late thirties and a grandpa when the heroine met him. They only meet when the heroine's curious reporter senses decide to investigate a mysterious ad in the paper of a man asking for a woman a who's plain and ugly to marry. She goes to meet him and it turns out that he's no hunchback but a handsome older man with a grandson and a heavy burden. I personally thought the hero was being irresponsible what with leaving his precious grandchild alone with a stranger even if it is for a hospital emergency. It turns out the hero wasn't even the one who did the ad but a friend but he's only going along with it in order to fulfill the dying wish of his beloved aunt. However, it's not he's not seeking a love in this relationship because of what has happened to him in the past. He lost his parents & grandparents when he was young. Then he married when he was only 16 and had a family. He was happy with his wife, daughter, and later grandson for 21 years till a car accident killed his wife and daughter. He blames himself for because he had a small glass of wine and was driving, deciding he has no right to be happy. It seems within the fifty pages, the heroine has already fallen head over heels in love with the hero that she's forgotten why she came there in the first page and is willing to enter into a loveless marriage with the man. I wasn't big on the whole push and pull wedding where the hero is pushing her to wear a traditional dress but she doesn't want to since she doesn't feel like a real bride. The hero did make a mistake what with taking her to island villa that he's taken nobody but failing to tell her because all she saw was the multitude of pictures of his dead wife. After a spat, the hero finally explains everything and more. They slowly make progress but the hero keeps holding himself back when it comes to the subject of love. It's still over the fact that he's guilty for his loved one's death, doesn't deserve to be happy, and more. Then it goes bad when the hero overhears one of the heroine's friend who slips the heroine's first idea of writing about it. It blows up badly and quickly dies in a cold mood when the hero's aunt finally dies. The heroine moves back in with her friend who are distraught over their loose lips. Things get more complicated when the heroine discovers she's pregnant and plans to raise the baby by herself since they're over. She pours out everything in front of the aunt's grave and the hero appears behind her. The two finally talk things out where the hero admits he doesn't want to love the heroine because to him, it'll mean he'll lose her like he has lost everyone else in his life. The heroine tells him to thinks positive and they confess their love for each other. We get the nice ending with them, their grandson, and their new kid but it didn't feel like a four star to me.

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