Zane: the Wild One

Passion Romance Zane: the Wild One

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Zane: the Wild One

One brave step will change everything!

Plenty was a beautiful and serene town, and Julia was the mayor’s well-behaved daughter. Her sister decided to host a party in order to find Julia a husband, but on her way to the party, Julia got into a car accident. The man who came to tow her car took Julia’s breath away—it was Zane. He was a wild and dangerous man—her complete opposite. Zane was surprised to see Julia, too. He couldn’t believe the sexy beauty before him was the same, innocent Julia he’d always known.

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It was so-so. 3  3

I couldn't really get into the storyline with the hero and the heroine. It was the small town gossip hide the truth with the hero and heroine on opposite sides of the tracks. The heroine is the mayor's daughter who has gotten over a divorce with a bad ex-husband and now deals with her sister's constant blind dates of bland guys. The hero and his sister were new arrivals as kids whose mother literally died in the middle of main street. Instead, of lending a hand to them settling in or helping them feel move from losing their mother, half of the town outcasts them with only a few lending a hand. The hero's sister & heroine's roommate adapted by being social but the hero didn't because he couldn't take their judging gazes and poisonous words that gave him a bad reputation. The two meet again when the heroine's car beaks down and the hero who's back in town for a while to help one of the few people who helped him. They're both interested in each other but the hero is using her family standing as an excuse to not even take her out for a date at a bar. The heroine is encouraged by R&S that she should go and she does because she wants to see the hero. She even gets a new haircut where the hair goes dark rather than lighter. She meets with the hero and they have a passionate night. However, The hero thinks that with a misinterprets in his conversation with his sister that the heroine was only using him for rebound then as husband material. The two have an argument and he leaves. The heroine finds out she's pregnant and decides to raise the baby herself. Then the hero gets in an accident and needs help, it's where the heroine comes in. Next, the heroine's nephew comes for an unexpected stay, which gives the hero the perfect opportunity to show he's a good guy to the townspeople. Afterwards, he finds out she's pregnant (not that she was trying to keep it a secret from him). He pulls the marriage thing and she's all up for it but she doesn't think he's marrying her for the kid rather than for love. I mean, she doesn't want that since her last marriage went bad. Then it comes to the location, the hero tries to find a place away from the town and spends five weeks searching. Yet, he's unable to find a place that comes close to a homely feeling like the heroine's home. He finally figures out the reason why is because the heroine was there and he's in love with her. He goes off and when they start making plans, he flies off the handle when he hears about the whole helping from the mayor on getting licensed in town. The heroine finally calms him down and confesses she loves him for him. The hero is shocked but her words gives him the courage to confess he loves her too. They get married and happily ever after but when I finished the novel, I didn't feel a lot of excitement.

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