A Deal Before the altar

Romance A Deal Before the altar

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A Deal Before the altar

After her distraught sister told her that her fiancé’s older brother, Santos, wouldn’t give them his blessing to marry, Georgina decided to speak with Santos herself. The brothers’ father left a will saying the first son to marry would inherit the family business, which is why Santos won’t support their marriage. Georgina asked Santos to allow her sister’s marriage anyway, but Santos turned her down flat. That’s when she decided to propose to him. “Why don’t you and I get married so that you can inherit your father’s business? Then we can get divorced.”

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The hero and heroine are at odds thanks to their siblings wanting to marry. The heroine wants to bless the marriage and the hero doesn't. In fact, it's the whole "10 things I hate about you" scenario except they skip from dating right to the altar. The whole thing started out thanks to the family tradition but it was strongly stipulated in the will of their dead father. Now,the whole shenanigan was constructed by the father in order to make the hero not alone???!!! It's the twisted way of making it up to the hero for neglecting him as a child to an adult after getting married to the brother's mother then putting him in a boarding school where he was forgotten. The father was crazy enough to do that but couldn't put enough common sense of leaving behind at least a personal apology letter to the hero for being a negligent father if he knew it. Plus, if he did know what he had done wrong when he was still alive then why didn't he take the personal time to at least take the hero out a father-son lunch or at least game like baseball or chess. The heroine's sister bawls all out about the whole thing of the hero not letting them marry and she forgets that this is the sister who will do anything for her. So, the heroine goes to the hero to persuade him into blessing the marriage. Yet, she decides to offer herself up for the hero to marry in order to make sure that the brother won't steal the company rights that he's worked so hard to achieve. What's more the hero goes for the whole thing and even comes up with a fake dating plan in order to deceive their feelings. The heroine becomes their co-conspirator and the siblings fall for it. Frankly, I was surprised the sister didn't think her sister would go the limits or put her cryfest + the heroine's engagement= suspicious. Now, the hero and heroine have the bad first impression from heroine's impression of a cold jerk hero whereas the hero's impression of her is gold digger since she married an old man at a young age and dated a lot after he died. Now, they set the stage, get married to do everything except love. From then on, they learn a lot about each other and go through a lot. Heroine learns of the hero's past and the hero learns of the heroine's past of having to be main provider for her little sister like paying for college and marrying to provide for her the first time. Yet, things quickly spiral out of control when both are hit with the surprised news that the siblings are already married and were married before them via Las Vegas style. The heroine gets mad at the sister for dropping out of college and the sister hits back by shouting at the heroine to not meddle in her life. That hurts the heroine bad and the hero accuses her of conspiring against him with the siblings. She breaks down in tears, shocking the hero, and states they should get a divorce. During their separation, the hero contemplates on what to do till he gets a letter from the brother that he's renouncing his rights to the company. He goes after the heroine to apologize and talk. Then they go after the siblings. During the trip, he opens up about his sad past. Once they find them, they overhear their siblings relate their worries about their siblings. The hero and heroine make their presence known and work things out with their siblings. The sister apologizes to the heroine and goes back to school We skip to their double wedding and the heroine expecting one more family member. The ending was nice but it wasn't really my kind of story.

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