Her ardent Sheikh

Passion Romance Her ardent Sheikh

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Her ardent Sheikh

She just needs one night in his arms!

Jamie was going to another country to marry a wealthy man who would pay off her father’s debt, but her plane ran into trouble on the way there. Ever since, her life has been in danger. One day, when she was just about to be run down by a car, Ben, a wealthy man from an Arabian royal family, saved her life. He brought her to his mansion and took care of her until she recovered. Jamie naturally became attracted to him, but she knew that a relationship with Ben was impossible. She decided that it would be enough if she could be Ben’s mistress for even one night, and with the help of an Arabian book about love, she planned to stay in Ben’s heart.

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A sheikh in Texas 4  4

We don’t usually get many harlequins that have a Sheikh in Texas but they’re pretty good. Our main male character is a Sheikh who’s recently joined the Texas Cattleman’s Club. It’s a bit of a Robin Hood group who go out of their way to help people, while stopping the villains. The hero’s current mission is bodyguarding the heroine. Why? It’s because she’s being targeted by an old nemesis for a Ruby she’s supposedly has on hand. We ask, how can a simple girl have one of the largest rubies? Well, It’s all thanks to her father; a man who drowned his grief over the passing of his wife in drink and cards. He couldn’t overcome his pain to work and keep the farm alive. Farm fell into debt and then he came upon an opportunity with some middle eastern man who said if he married the heroine then he would financially support their ranch. Both father and heroine agree, not knowing the man is in cahoots with terrorists and the ruby is to fund their campaign. Luckily, the heroine’s plane to meet her future husband has an emergency landing that bursts into flames after everyone is evacuated. It ruined the whole marriage deal and no one really knows where the ruby is. The enemies believe the heroine has it and have attempted to kill her twice. The third attempt pushed the hero to bring the heroine to his home and explain what’s been happening under her nose. She does believe some of what he says and even talks about why she was getting married in the first place. They head back to her place, finding it trashed with the father gone. The two start sharing a number of things like watching their parents deal in the loss of their spouses like the hero’s mother moving on and help rule a nation till the older brother came to age. Soon, the hero and heroine grow closer and the attraction starts to simmer. The hero resists because he doesn’t want to put the heroine in the position of “mistress” by his country’s customs since they’re looked down upon. However, the heroine sets out to seduce the hero because she’s dealing with the uncertainty if today is her last day. She even gets help from the maid and a book that might have been the Karma Sutra. The heroine dolls herself up in the hero’s country’s cultural feminine attire but he rejects her full on. The hurt heroine runs out but gets captured by the assassin. The hero and heroine are able to turn the tables on the guy who ends up being their prisoner. Then they find the ruby was hidden in the wedding dress and that’s the end of it. The heroine goes back home to find her sober father has returned from rehab. The hero meets his mom who encourages him to go back to the heroine. He goes back to the heroine and confesses his love for her. She returns with her love and we end it happily with their wedding and the women of the world begging to know what techniques the heroine used from the book to get the hero.

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