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After meeting Nicholas Valfort, her life would never be the same!

Laura has dedicated her life to the family business at the expense of all other pursuits. One day while working in one of her family’s prestigious hotels in California, she is struck by the captivating beauty of the man who appears before her. He, however, looks at her with pure contempt. This man, who calls himself Nicholas Valfort, claims to have come from the south of France to inform Laura about the inheritance she’s received from her estranged grandmother. But a cruel fate awaits Laura when she visits him in Nice…

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It was fine. 3  3

The story was fine with how it went down. So, the heroine lost her grandmother at a young age when she disappeared and everyone said she went off with the man she had an affair with when her grandpa was still alive. After twenty years, the heroine gets the news that her grandmother has passed away and left something for the heroine to inherit. The news is personally delivered by the hero who was the grandson of the man and wanted to give the heroine a piece of his mind for ignoring her grandmother when her grandmother so desperately missed her and wanted to see her. First of all, unlike the heroine, the hero got two sides of the story. Second, the heroine had no idea where the grandmother was and by the time she was old enough to look, she didn't because of the chaos she would cause her already unstable family. Third, we don't get a word or a hint that the grandmother attempted to contact the heroine in the twenty years of separation. I mean I understand if the grandmother didn't contact in the first ten years but the last ten was when the heroine has old enough to know the truth. Now, the heroine goes with him because she wants answers, much to the horror of her mother and aunt. It turns out she had a wonderful time with both the grandfather and the hero, despite their frosty first meeting. Then the heroine learns the sad truth that the affair was nothing but a malicious. Apparently, the hero's grandfather and heroine's grandfather were good friends till his death. Afterwards, the grandfather's wife dies two years later and a year later is when the grandfather and the heroine's grandmother reunited and became lovers. The heroine is shocked by the whole thing and wonders who could have spread a malicious lie that got her grandmother on the bad side of everyone. The heroine also learns of the hero's dark past what with his wife been missing since the day she disappeared. A lot of speculation went into the whole thing but the hero loved his wife and has no idea what happened to her. The heroine also learns that her grandmother did attempt to contact her but her mother sent back all the mail. Luckily, the grandmother left a confession on how she pieced together the whole tragedy of their families. When the grandfather and grandmother were dating, the grandfather brought gifts to the heroine's mother and aunt that were adults. Sadly, the aunt misinterpreted the whole thing that the man was wooing her but didn't take the news well that the grandfather was interested in her mother and not her. Tragically, the aunt set out to sabotage the man through her own mother by not only telling malicious lies about there being an affair but sending letters to the hero's parents that her mother was after their fortune. After the three have discussion about it, the heroine decides enough is enough by threatening her mother to come or she won't come back. It's a good threat and her mother comes rushing in and is given the videos as well as the confession letter with the hero's parents. During this time, the hero and heroine become close but the heroine won't give in till the hero finds his wife because the wife still occupies a piece of him. They come back to find their parents making multiple apologies to him on their treatment to the grandmother. Later on, the hero and heroine separate with the hero renewing his search for his wife and the heroine coming back home to a broken aunt. Personally, I think the aunt is suffering the most because not only she did destroy the meaningful relationships between her mother, sister, niece, and herself but lost twenty years of holding a grudge against two people who cared for her like a daughter. It's just so sad and the fact she's responsible for dragging everyone into her hate. The hero finally finds the body of his wife and she was captured for ransom but when she tried to escape, her kidnapper killed her. The culprit is arrested and the hero is encouraged by the heroine's words to go after her. It was a very nice ending with the wedding.

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