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When the man she’s always loved can’t see the woman she’s become, Kristin decides to take charge of her life.

Ten years her senior, Derek was Kristin’s guardian from the time she was a child. She’s loved him all along and now that she’s twenty-five, she’s decided to propose to him. She knows that he sees her as a little sister and that he still loves his late wife, but she desperately wants to put an end to her lengthy one-sided love. But Derek won’t take her seriously! Disappointed, Kristin decides to start fresh. She’ll change her appearance, display her womanly charms and enjoy a new, more exciting life.

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3.5 break away to get it. 4  4

After knowing the hero for years, supported him when he lost his wife and he supported her when she lost her dad. Now, the heroine decides to ask for his hand in marriage. His answer: he's obviously says no with the excuse of being her legal guardian. First of all, the heroine has been legally an adult for seven years and Second, she's not doing this because her father died. Dejected, the heroine is helped by a mutual friend on making the hero realize what an impact her lack of presence has on both his daughter and him. He realizes it pretty quickly with a little girl asking for the heroine because she's a mother figure in her life. During this time, he gets the truth from a fellow colleague that everyone knew about the heroine's feelings for him. Then she starts dressing up and going on dates with other men. They do meet from time to time, when the heroine finds out someone is messing with the account books, causing a lot of money to disappear. They have some awkward but passionate moments. The hero sees the heroine has made a place in their hearts but now has shown him she's a woman and not a kid. As the heroine goes on her dates but compares what qualities these men lack, which the hero possesses. The hero goes to see her, kisses her, and states the relationship is going to change. Next morning, the heroe says the exact same thing as the heroine did in the beginning. She hesitates but agrees to dinner. The heroine decides to go along in the marriage since they both love the little girl and she believes he'll eventually come to love her. She tells him yes and they decide to have a civil ceremony next week. However, their pre-wedding bliss ends when the two have to share financial secrets like debts for the heroine and hero's assets. It's simply a matter of sharing troubles. We move onto where the heroine has narrowed down to one suspect because he's appearing at all times and shows her from his fancy watch to his office that he spending more money than he could on an accountant's salary. She will confronts him then nearly silenced but the hero comes in with the police. The two sit down where the hero reveals the assets are compensation for his parents' death because a rich man's boat crashed into them and caused the accident. A friend helped him manage it and it grew tenfold. The heroine reveals her worry that the hero is only marrying her to give his daughter a mother. He states he does love the heroine and gives a good speech about it. They confess their love and we get a happy ending.

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