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Can anything touch the heart of a man with such steely eyes?

After Ariadne's parents’ death, she was adopted by her uncle and aunt. She never once doubted their love, so she’s shocked and betrayed when her uncle kicks her out of his house and tells her to marry a Greek entrepreneur. Heartbroken, Ariadne meets the stranger who will soon be her husband. He’s more beautiful that she could have imagined, but his eyes are as cold as ice.

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The heroine falls into a trap laid by her uncle to marry the next guy he's chosen since she ran from the first one of their wedding day. The jilted groom proclaims himself the victim with the heroine being a horrible and selfish woman who mocked him. His story works on everyone, even her aunt and uncle who have raised her since she was a child. Personally, I would have gotten a reason out of my niece and here's why: I raise a child who I watch grow into this happy person that has displayed good behavior and decisions. They get engaged and are ecstatic about it but then they run off on their wedding day. Suddenly, you see the media plaster this child as the villain with the child becoming withdrawn. I would have sat down with this child and ask them what's going on. I would say,"I heard what they're saying but I know you and want to hear from your side of the story." Had one of them done that, then the heroine probably would have felt secured enough to reveal a mysterious message telling her to see the groom. How she overheard the groom's confession of marrying her only for money and his profession of love to his male secretary. The shocked heroine figures out that it was the secretary who sent her that message from his smirk when he saw her. Going back to the present, the heroine's cats flow is cut off in her birth country but she has no income of her own or anything to get her back. Then as she's about to commit suicide, she's confronted by the hero who's upfront about marry her for her uncle's money. She rejects him but after a few hours, agrees to the marriage. I know the heroine was being smart in her situation but it was sad she didn't hold out. She doesn't figure out till wedding day that they are having a wedding night. After their night when the hero finds out he deflowered the virgin that he starts asking the questions that should been asked for the heroine. She tells him the truth of her escapee from the first wedding and he believes her. His words cause the heroine's feelings to bubble and makes her hope he won't deceive like the last two men. After some time, she starts to trust and falls in love with the hero. There is one exception of when the hero leaving in the night sometimes to his Blue door room. She wishes to know but doesn't pry. Later, she's kidnapped by JG who wants her to divorce the hero and marry him, so he can get the money. The heroine refuses and he makes his threats a reality by bringing in two men to rape her, while his secretary films the whole thing for blackmail. In that moment, I wanted the Iraseli woman's army, the lionesses, Amazons, or anyone to knock this rapist down. Yet, I call him that because he's participated in the rape of a person. He's only lucky for being branded with attempted rape because the hero bursts in with his posse and armed with guns. He comforts the heroine and beats the crud out of the JG. I applauded with every whack he landed. They don't go to the police, which I thought was a bad idea but considered the man would just twist it to his own gain. Now, the heroine trusts the hero completely till she meets his sweet grandmother who accidentally lets it slip about his first wife and how much they loved each other. The heroine finally decides to open the blue door and finds a room with maps and pictures of the hero's first wife. She concludes the hero only used her as a substitute and doesn't love her at all. She disappears, leaving behind a message of how the hero deceived her using the Greek myth of Theseus and the Golden thread. She goes backpacking all over Australia with the experience being bittersweet. She sees and meeting amazing places and people but she's still suffering from heartbreak. Three months past and the heroine comes across a newspaper article with the JG coming out of the closet and giving a public apology to the heroine. The story was printed about a month ago. She finally visits her gravesite and runs into the hero. The hero has been waiting for her there for three months. She asks him about his part in the article and he admits to having a hand in it. He gets the secretary to confess about the message then tells JG to own up on his Gay Pride. He doesn't push it but I think a little compensation for the trouble and crimes the JG almost committed would be something. I would have him donate half a million to charities focused on supporting and protecting rape victims across the world and half a million to protecting gays in countries deemed unsafe for gays. The hero also talks about how the day she left was the day her aunt and uncle came. The hero unknowingly slips about their first arrangement, the aunt had no idea and she nearly throttled the uncle in anger. The heroine asks if he's here to give her to divorce forms but he states that he isn't because he loves her. He reveals after she rejected the proposal, he received funding from another source. Right after he agreed, he got the heroine's "I do" call but still went with it because he fell head over heels with the heroine. It was something he hadn't felt since his wife died and his late nights to the blue room were his way of saying goodbye to her. They confess their love for each other and the heroine gets down on one knee to ask him to marry him. She replies yes and they have a public wedding that ends well.

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