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If she can’t be with the man she loves, Keely can at least help his brother follow his heart.

Keely secretly admires Boone Sinclair, a rancher eleven years older than her, but he treats her like a child and gives her the cold shoulder. Meanwhile Boone’s brother has asked Keely to pretend to be his girlfriend. He wants her to help him hide his real relationship, a relationship Boone strongly opposes. Keely decides to help Boone’s brother, and now she's caught Boone's eye as he wonders why she’s suddenly fallen in love with her childhood friend.

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It's a bit twisty 4  4

The hero holds a contempt against the heroine for reasons she has no idea. It doesn't matter that she's only a 19 year old kid working as a vet's assistant. The man can't even say thank you for her seeing his dog's serious condition and saving his life without a rude word. Then she finds out what her ever drunk mother did; she offered herself to the hero then the daughter after he rejected her but he rejected her disgusting offer. If that doesn't take the cake she did it to the heroine's boss too. We get further along where the heroine's life seemed happy with the dad but it wasn't always when he lost his "park" and got into a bad crowd. He just dropped the heroine off and she hasn't heard from her since. She's been dealing with her drunk mother's negativity and we see from the mother's friend that there's something else. Next, the heroine is called by the hero's brother to act as his new girlfriend because the girl he is with doesn't meet the hero's standards. The standard being all women who have to work are only after a man's money!!! Really, I'm sorry but has the man forgotten his sister works for a living too??? I had no idea you could catch a rich man if you worked in Social Services!!! The heroine agrees since the brother is a good friend but she sees a colder side to the man's little sweetheart. When the heroine gets home, she finally has it out with her mother. The whole fight causes the woman to drink drunk, reveal something things to the heroine, and finally quit the booze. When the heroine is introduced as the brother's new girlfriend, the hero finds the opportunity to scare her off but she doesn't back down. Then after a wonderful afternoon with lunch and good conversation, the hero and heroine are alone. The hero suddenly pulls a 180 degree switch to seducing the heroine who runs off. After going home and cleaning up the mess from her mother's drunken rage, the heroine learns from the sheriff that her father's shady friends have been hassling the mother for money because her ex-husband can't pay them but she's been broke for a long time. Then the brother takes the heroine for a cover date and this is the ironic part. The brother nags on how the hero is dating a selfish woman like the ex-wife (wicked witch) but he can't see the greed he's feeding from his sweetheart with all her presents and the coitus. In fact, I never hear them do anything except the brother give the woman presents and have coitus. There are no meals together, walks, or even talks. It's plain to the eye that she's no different, something the heroine sees but says nothing. The heroine goes on this library trip but is caught by the hero. They have a pleasant conversation but heroine goes off the way he's been treating her and he blows it off like she's wrong but has he had amnesia. Then he gives another side to the story of when he met the brother's girlfriend of how she only appraised the worth of everything rather than hold a conversation without the monetary symbol. The man even knows the brother is still seeing the woman. he goes off after giving the brother a fright. When the heroine arrives home, she finally is told the whole story by her mother. The woman talks about she was born rich but was never spoiled by her parents who taught her the value of money. Sadly, the heroine's father saw those dollar bill signs and seduced the mother into living the fast life till they couldn't pay for it and got into drugs that killed the sheriff's younger brother. The father used the incident to blackmail the mother into giving up the heroine, so he could use the heroine to keep the money flowing. With all this coming out, the heroine and her mother make a fresh start to rebuild their relationship. Sadly, one of the big baddies comes a calling and brags how he knows their dark secret. When the brother comes to take the heroine to the party, he has finally starting to see the similarities between his "sweetheart" and the hero's harpy. He tells her it will be the last time she pretends to be his girl. Later on, the heroine runs into the hero and we get our cliff hanger.

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