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Despite Edward’s highhandedness, Diana is haunted by the loneliness in his eyes.

Diana has arrived at the dark, fog-shrouded Penryth Hall to work as a live-in physical therapist. She is told that her employer, the owner of the hall, was in an accident two months ago and needs rehabilitation. A dark, gloomy hall, an ancient housekeeper… Surely the master of the house is some kind of grouchy old man. But Diana finds a virile young man waiting for her—Edward. His cold eyes shut out everyone and everything, but when he discovers Diana is a virgin, he embraces her, whispering that he wants her to stay with him!

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chances and consequences 4  4

This story brought up a lot of things I felt I could relate to: taking chances, facing the consequences, running away, and the wronging siblings. The heroine has been working as her sister's assistant for many years, hoping to get her chance to become an actress. During this time, she meets her boyfriend, a popular actor and they have a great relationship. That is until he's introduced to her sister and she finds their affair being publicized over global television. Embarrassed and betrayed, she runs off to a secluded job in a castle. Her job is is help the bitter hero from his recent accident caused when he was chasing his lover who went back to the father of her baby that was some sort of a duke and got into a bad accident that was splashed across every trashy magazine around the world. He's also the man who warned the heroine that her boyfriend would eventually move on to the sister but she didn't believe him. The heroine manages to impress the hero with her no back down attitude and they get to work. They compete with timing and hard work that eventually grows a close relationship. She even learns about his lonely childhood. The heroine talks about her family and her secret dream of being an actress. Things get hot then cold but the heroine's sister pops up and I was astonished. She acts like the heroine unjustly abandoned her with quitting her job and leaving her in the lurch. The woman seems to have forgotten her betrayal and disregarding the whole "sisters before misters". She brandishes the engagement ring and tells the heroine how she's going to come back to plan their wedding. What a selfish tart!!! The heroine can only keep silent but the hero comes in for the rescue and the lies of how they're lovers. The selfish couple stay for dinner and after hearing and seeing the sister flirt with the hero, the heroine has enough and does something I was actually disappointed in her for doing. She threw her sister under the bus!! She calls her sister out for flirting and how this engagement of the sister's will be her fifth one, information the fiancee didn't know. Then she goes on how the sister only got to be famous when she stole the a role the heroine got for but gave up in order to nurse her terminally ill mother. I speak from experience with having a sibling that you become so angry that you say things out loud in front of people to get them in trouble or just let out that anger and this wasn't even when I was a kid but an adult. You think under the assumption that it will make you feel better but it won't. It hurts the relationship between you and your sibling because you have betrayed them as well and it makes you regret it for a long time (I still wish I could take it back). The sister shouts how the heroine betrayed her and runs off with the heroine regretting her words because she realizes that some of the past things like the job were choices she made herself and she only ran away because it didn't work out for her. In this case, both sisters were wrong for putting things like men and anger before their relationship as sisters. They should have been more sensitive but have wrecked their relationship, in fact, they don't speak to each other till we get to the end of the book and it will have been about a year. The hero comforts the heroine and they end up in a relationship. Things go well till the hero is called back to work and the heroine has to wait for him as he works all hours of day night and deals with the nasty gossipy Gabbies, led by his rival's wife. It's this woman who tells her about the hero's ex-lover and the heroine asks the hero about it. The subject causes a lot of negative feelings the hero who states the same thing of no marriage and kids, which frightens the heroine because she's pregnant. Then the heroine gets a call from her ex of an acting role in a drama and the hero tells her to go. He evens starts packing for her even after she tells him that she doesn't want to go because she loves him. Her words only cause the hero to run away and stat he doesn't want it. His actions have consequences with making the heroine distrust in anything he says and she leaves. We skip some months where as Lalytia states the pregnancy math is all screwed. The hero pops up in the heroine's backyard as she's watering plants. He tells her about the pregnancy and did the "math" to figure out he's the father of the baby. Sadly, his apologies and proposal to marriage fall on deaf ears as consequence to his rejection of her. Now, he has to work for her trust and asks for one more chance. The heroine gives it to him and they start rebuilding their relationship as a couple and build their relationship as soon to be parents. The heroine trusts him enough to say if her sister comes back and forgives the heroine then she'll find the encouragement to marry him. The hero is over the moon and sets toward in on getting the sister here. Unfortunately, the heroine sees the hero with rival's wife and they go into his house. She assumes the worse and runs away but not before rejecting the hero and breaking his heart that he sets to go back home. This is after the man brings the sister who's happy to see the heroine. The sister knocks some sense into the heroine who calls the Wife and learns the hero handed ownership to her husband and from their last meeting. Realizing her actions and words have just costed her the hero, she panics on what to do. This is what I liked is the sister encouraging her to go after him. The two have a reconcile moment with the sister telling her she's sorry for what she did. There's a bit of a missing the plane and tear fest but she shouts out her love for the hero who's behind her. They have a talk out and the heroine asks the hero to marry her, which he says yes. We get a happy ending with the hero, heroine, their little girl, and another on the way.

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Good manga but someone doesn't know math 4  4

I like the manga a lot. Good character development and all but! At one point she says " in nine months" but she's clearly been pregnant for at least a month. Later on we find out that she's been pregnant for 3 months when she says "in nine months". This is a frequent thing I stumbled on in Harlequin manga. It's bugging me at lot, especially since I pay attention to details. Even if the mangaka writes it like, please at least proofread/edit it in English. Sincerely, a long time fan!

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