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Will kind, self-sacrificing Abbey find someone to protect and love her?

Nurse Abbey lost her parents at young age and has taken care of her younger sisters ever since. One day a handsome doctor arrives at the maternity ward where she works. He is very talented, and all the young women are captivated by him. Even Abbey finds her heart racing when he smiles at her, but he’s against love and marriage and he criticizes her self-sacrificing behavior. So Abbey is thoroughly shocked when he suddenly shows up at her house one day with an unexpected proposition!

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it was good 4  4

The heroine is the mentor, the go-to-girl, and the help to any anyone like a mother in need of a home since hers has lots of rooms. One day, she meets the new substitute doctor whose presence has gotten the female staff going ga-ga over him. The heroine fights off her attraction with being burned already by a man who stole her virginity, her family inheritance, and nearly her home. The heroine becomes even more distant when the hero voices his option again the heroine taking in one of their homeless mothers into her home. He becomes further worried about her when he sees the bruises on her wrists from fending off one of the girl's abusive boyfriends. He pushes the heroine to be his tour guide and shows him around. After listening, she concedes to a day with the hero and enjoys the day out. The whole day has her open up about losing her parents and getting conned by her ex-fiancee in a span of two years. The bad experiences what her how to judge others. After a home birth, the hero is pulled aside by the heroine's aunt who gives him an inspection and a warning not to hurt the heroine. His words show the aunt that he's genuine man. Afterwards, the heroine is saved by the hero when one of the girl's ex's comes a threatening. Things escalate higher when the heroine finds her sister lying on the doorstep beaten black and blue. The incident causes the heroine to rely on the hero till she remembers that he's leaving soon. She realizes that he loves him but intends to let him go for his happiness. One night, the sister's attacker is revealed to be the ex-con fiancee who's got a gun to the aunt. When the ex readies to shoot the heroine, two things happen. One is the hero jumps in front of her and two is a potted plant is dropped on the ex's head by the recovered sister. To answer the sister's question is yes, he's dead because the police outlined his body shape with tape on the floor. The hero reveals his big secret that his smother was like the heroine who opened her home to many in need. Sadly, one of the these people from mishandling a non snuffed cigarette that started a fire. The fire took the mother's life and the hero' home., making him homeless. So, he decided to drift and not make any connection with anybody till he met the heroine. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. It's quite a nice ending.

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