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She’s scared to lose her heart. He’s a playboy and confirmed bachelor!

When Jemma, a secretary, first meets Leon Stephanades, her boss’s wealthy Greek client, she’s unable to take her eyes off him. His smile almost makes her heart burst. Jemma tells herself she mustn’t fall for the playboy—he changes lovers as often as her parents and her boss do! In any case, he’s a confirmed bachelor who hates being tied down. Nevertheless, aware of Jemma’s gaze, Leon tugs her toward him and softly promises, “No conditions, no promises. But while we’re together, I’ll be yours only.” Though annoyed by his arrogance, Jemma is unable to resist his kiss.

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It was a Monday when they met 4  4

The heroine is having such a Monday with her boss being late for a huge meeting. His girlfriend causing chaos because the weekend consisted of her telling him she's pregnant but the hero says she did it on purpose to get that dream of marriage and kids. And the hero is the gentleman for the big meeting and he just witnessed the whole thing!!!Their first interaction has the heroine grit her teeth at him for his words about women being cunning creatures. However, the hero is attracted to the heroine and it gives her the "no strings attached" deal with him. It was a little disappointing she didn't give him a flat out rejection but went with silence. She does have an argument with her boss about the girlfriend but they were both right and wrong. Then the hero starts wooing the heroine with fruit baskets, which she rejects. Then he ups his game sending in jewelry. I felt like I was reading a chapter from Tyler Perry's, " Don't make a black woman take off her earrings," The hero finally says, "I'm coming to pick you up. Be ready." Once, she's at his house, they talk, kiss, fight, and end it with coitis.The heroine accepts the hero's deal and theverything goes well. That is until they go to a party where malicious whispers and nasty glares around her for being with the hero. Another factor in the break up is the The Roman seen her boss and his girl. She becomes certain that since the relationship has no future, she should be prepared to end things with him. Then he brings up the "mistress deal" which she needs time to think about it. Then she does something rashly but I can say I would only say do it. Her boss in a joyous mode because the girlfriend aborted the baby and he's relieved. She snaps, slaps him across the face, and shouts she quits because he's a jerk. Then she finds out she's pregnant but takes from her past childhood of neglect and couple that with her scuffle with the boss and the hero's strings deal makes her think the hero will be the same as the boss. She rejects his proposal and they separate on friendly but sad at times. About three months pass in the heroine's friend is begging her to contact the hero for financial support since she's having a hard time with jobs, barely getting by on welfare, and so stressed that it's been considered unhealthy for the baby by the doctor. Then the heroine gets a letter from the hero that he wants to meet her again but she won't go to despite her friends please. When the heroine walks out of her doctor's office, she's shocked to find a hero standing before her. Apparently the hero got a call from the friend who explained everything. The heroine tells him her fears about his reaction & how he judged the ex- boss's girlfriend. He tells her they should get married but the heroine doesn't believe it since he's ant-marriage. The hero makes his feelings known that he'll marry the heroine even if he has to drag her by the hair( the image immediately popped in my head and it wasn't pretty). The hero also tells the heroine how the friend turned down a marriage proposal because she's too worried to leave the heroine alone. The news pushes the heroine to accept since she doesn't want to keep her friend from her happiness. After the heroine moves in with the hero, he takes her on a little yacht cruise for three weeks to bring back her health. The time they spent is enjoyable and it helps them open up about the sad parts of their past. The heroine goes her parents neglect towards her and the hero confesses how his father used his mother to get her family fortune and married his first girlfriend. They grow closer but have one more party to go; family birthday party and it will the heroine's introduction to the family. Her presence brings mixed feelings with father-in-law happy and stepmother-in-law looking as red as a tomato. Then the heroine hears how the hero proclaims the baby is a boy, leading the father to make an announcement that since the hero filled all the conditions of marrying and having a son that he meets the qualifications of some stupid legal document the father wrote up over who gets the reins to the company( that burns, doesn't it stepmother). Now, the heroine thinks the hero came back to her was to use her. Afterwards, as the heroine sits outside in the hallway waiting, the hero deals with the verbal assault from his family. Once he's done and waits to the heroine, she rejects his touch. The woman who was comforting her asks her to go easy on the hero because of his dumb dad and antagonistic stepmom. She turns out to be the bridal candidate but like the hero was anti-marriage and saw the hero as a friend. Once, the hero and heroine are alone, she accuses him of knowing the baby's gender and using her. He states he bluffed in order to keep the stepmom and brother from getting hands on his mother's company. After he rejected the marriage deal, the stupid father made those conditions in legal writing. He regretted but his wife found it and got the brother to tell the man he's getting married and he can't retract it or he would look like a fool. So, he begged the hero to marry any girl and have a son before the brother. When the hero heard this, the only woman who came to mind was the heroine and realized it was her she wanted to marry. However, when he found the heroine pregnant and weak, his priority switched to making the heroine happy because her happiness was his happiness. Plus, he didn't want to destroy it all. He confesses his love to her and she says she believes him. It had a nice ending and I really liked it.

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