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A marriage of convenience is one thing; sharing her husband with other women is quite another!

Amaya disappeared the day after her engagement ceremony. Her mother had called to warn her that her fiancé, Sheikh Kavian, kept a harem of women. She was shocked and determined not to repeat her mother’s painful experiences—her mother, unable to accept her husband’s harem, had decided to forfeit a life of luxury to raise Amaya on her own. But six months after Amaya’s disappearance, Kavian has tracked her down…and he’s determined to show her the harem she fled.

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Traditional word might not be best 3  3

After years of being dragged along by her mother to various countries, the Heroine finally gets into contact with her half brother who brings up a marriage of convenience for their country. She's an adult and agrees to the whole thing. Then the very night, her engagement is announce to the hero of a neighboring country, she gets a call from her mother. The mother in a panic tone tells the heroine that the hero has a harem. The heroine bolts because she remembers as a small child of how her mother was miserable and how they got out. So, she goes on the run for 6 months before the hero finds her and takes her back to his country. When they're in the hero's country, the hero shows her the Harem. The place is just a huge bath house and the hero sent all the women away after finding them jobs in their respective careers. The heroine still holds on that the hero had 17 mistresses (her words) and wants to know what makes her so special to the hero. He replies it's because both countries will benefit from this union. The next day, they talk over things like their pasts; the hero became a man before he became a child because his entire family was slaughtered by a trusted adviser when he was a baby and fought to take it back. The heroine opens up about her past with there being not a lot of food, so she had to work as a multi-linguist tour guide. We see from the heroine's past that her mother was always moving her to a new country in a span of a few months. How she focused more on the Rich Men in her own child. The heroine had to grow up quickly to support her mother. After going into the desert, meeting with the tribes, Karen finally learned that the heroes harem was just a learning center for women on technology, has security, and more. The hero compares his small list to the ever-growing list of the mothers with the heroine defending her. Yet, she doesn't think there is something the mother might be doing wrong that she's changed to a new lover every season for more than a decade. A week before her wedding, the heroine meets her brother who wants to know if she really wants to go through with the wedding and she says she does. When the heroine asks the hero why didn't he take the compensation for the first time she ran away and he says because he wanted her for her. The two confess their love and it seems things are shaping up until the heroine's mother shows up. The hero doesn't want for her at the wedding because she's the reason the heroine ran in the first time. However the heroine insists and he fulfills her request. It takes an exchange between the hero and the mother for the heroine to see there something going on. Then on the night of before the wedding, the mother comes and tells heroine it's time to escape. Confused by her actions and words, the heroine states she staying. Then the hero appears, revealing the real reason mother insists the heroine coming with her isn't because she wants to protect her but because she doesn't want to lose her cash flow of child support payments from the heroine's royal family since the heroine was kidnapped by her. It explains why they moved was so much the heroine's country couldn't track them down. The hero asks the heroine to look at her mother's clothes and jewels to show they were getting money but she was spent it all on herself. The mother denies but that he states she told him herself when he went looking for the heroine. It was also the mother who gave away the heroine's location. The heroine ask her mother if it's true. She lies but the heroine can see right through it. The hero gives the heroine a choice between him and her mother. After he leaves, the heroine sees her mother for what she is. And she go to the hero she tells him and that she picks both and also stay she can't live without the hero. He pulls in for a tight hug and they tell each other how they love the other. We fast forward 5 years later where the heroine, hero, heroine's mother(woman has become nicer), and their two children are living together happily. It's all nice but I couldn't understand why the heroine's brother never told the heroine she was abducted or that they were for her for many years.

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