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Our worlds are so different… I know it can never be, but I don’t want to wake up from this dream.

Jillian was on a trip to Venice when she was swept off her feet by a man she’d only just met…and she agreed to marry him! But it turned out that he’s a con artist who already has a wife and child. So Jillian ran out of the chapel in her wedding dress without a penny left to her name. She’s crying by the canal, feeling like the biggest fool on earth, when a gorgeous man bumps into her and asks if he can help. He takes her in, and his house is an honest-to-goodness mansion! Jillian feels as if she’s wandered into another dream. Her rescuer is the Duke of Destino, one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Europe, and he’s offered to hire her as his secretary!

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becky's comment - November 22nd, 2019

I really enjoy this story for the plot is gripping with a bit of mytery .

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Who has manners? 4  4

The heroine goes on a trip to Italy in order to soothe her heart since she feels left behind since her sister got married. She gets trapped by a con man who nearly marries her till God sends a savior in the form of the con man's wife who screams he is her husband and the father to the baby in her arms. The heroine is distraught by the whole thing that she runs off in her gown and ends up in the hero's wave that drenches her completely. The hero being a man of manners, takes her home, gets her a fresh pair of clothes with complimentary food and drink. He then listens to her woes of needing a job and decides to give her an unofficial job as the home secretary since you need a work license if you're a foreigner working in another country. The heroine accepts and she puts her best into her work that earn the respect of the hero and his butler. She notifies him of the recent tragedy of being duped and nearly marrying a married man who used all her travel money to pay for the wedding. She keeps on impressing the hero and me, "Going to move on and have the best 'can do' attitude". So, the heroine works for the hero for a few days and drives to check to make sure she has take breaks and eaten. However, she makes a real big impact with his family by teaching his nephews to be nice rather than naughty as well as giving the hero's sister tips in discipline that work really well; two women even strike up a great friendship. Then the hero takes the heroine to a party where the rest of the high nosed and gold-diggers await to shred her down. The big one was the hero's last date who tries to up show the heroine in bringing her down by confidence in manners. However, the heroine holds her head high & gives back a great response that impresses one of the big wigs of the party. After the party, the heroine confesses about the con man stalking her and the hero insists she move into the mansion for better security. Sadly. moving day couldn't come any later because she calls her family to let them know she's alive and she ends up lying about still being engaged but it's with the hero. Next thing comes with the our couple going down a path more intimate. Sadly, clouds darken their day when the hero's ex-lady and the heroine's con man cross paths and merge into a conspiracy. Each one separate the hero and heroine at different times to break them up but the hero and heroine trust the other to see the lies spouting from the liars' lips. Unexpectedly, the heroine's sister shows up with her husband and we get a real party. In the span of one night, a lot of things happen. First, they catch a jewel thief shifting among the crowds. Second, the OW gets told off by the hero & Big wig on how her behavior lacks the high class manners etiquette with the hero adding he doesn't want her. Third, the hero punching the Con man's lights out when he tries to manhandle the heroine. Fourth, the hero proclaiming his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. The heroine cries tears of joy with the words, yes. They give each other a passionate kiss in front of the audience. It was actually a really nice romance and I enjoyed it.

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