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Her father is treating Ella like a pawn in his financial dealings, and her fiancé has a secret past. Will she ever find happiness?

Ella can’t believe her domineering father has ordered her to marry Australian businessman Donato Salazar. Her father orchestrated the marriage in order to receive financial support to save his company from the brink of bankruptcy. Now that her gorgeous older sister has run away, Ella is being made to take her place. She thinks there’s no way a billionaire like him would ever accept plain Ella after being promised her sister. But as soon as Donato meets her, he falls head over heels and wants to make her his wife! Surprised and bewildered, Ella soon uncovers his dark, hidden past, a past that will change her life forever!

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3.5 not too bad. 4  4

The heroine is coerced by her father in marrying the rich hero since he's been losing his business and money left and right. So, he has been stealing money from her siblings meant for their new hotel and won't give it back till she hooks the hero. It's only because the man's favorite child, the heroine's older sister who is a socialite bolted when the father brought it up. So, the heroine goes to meet the hero who's is attracted to her uniqueness like the fact she was upfront and frank with him. His attraction to her everything is at a high. The heroine denies such attraction, leaving with the words that this is will be the last time they will ever meet. Her words only encourage the hero to chase after her. He invites her out to lunch and makes his own threats with pulling support from the father who'll steal everything from her siblings. When the two are alone, the hero states he only wants the heroine if she consents and she does to the vigorous coitus. Afterwards, the hero makes claims on big reason for their marriage is so that the hero can enter high society since his criminal record of murder keeps him barred. However, the heroine sees there's more to it with her discerning eye as a nurse who has learned to differentiate all kinds of people She sees a good side to the hero that he doesn't admit. So, imagine his surprise not just by her wanting to hear his side of the story but that she's been supporting herself since she was seventeen to become a nurse. The heroine can see he's giving vague description of the story but lets it go. Over the next few days, things go well for the two of them till a small pothole where the heroine notes about the hero buying has him turn 180 degree change to distant and sad. They're able to move forward, opening up bits and pieces of their past. I liked how the hero defended the heroine from one of her former bullies, saying he sees the heroine's body as a work of art compared to the skin and bone girls. The heroine also has a conversation with her sister, each admitting the things they admire about each other. Then the sister stating if the heroine needs help then the sister will come. The hero finally gets the heroine to open up about how her father is using her siblings as blackmail. The hero opens up about how his his mother was a former prostitute till she married his stepfather but was forced to return after his death by some shady individuals. She was killed by a customer who turned out to be the man the hero killed. The hero comments how there was one person he hated more than his mother's killer. The heroine thanks him for opening up to her and warns him of the father's backstabbing. The hero thanks her for the warning but notes he already knows what kind of person, the heroine's father is. Later, the hero gives her legal documents that will destroy her father because the hero wanted to destroy him. It turns out the father was the head of the organization that forced the hero's mother back into prostitution. He has already given back the brother's money but she asks what was the point of the wedding. He asks to make the father spend boatloads of money and it canceled so the father could lose face in high society. When the father is dragged away, the heroine gets away from the hero and disappears. She leaves behind her discarded wedding dress, which she clutches tightly. After some time, the heroine goes to the opening of her sibling's hotel and is given a gift from a catalogue she showed the hero. She wears and runs into the hero who states he was invited to the opening night. He also states the gift is from him as an apology. The hero confesses to the heroine that he can't live without her because he loves her. It's a really nice speech given to her and the heroine says yes to his proposal. We end it on a happy wedding and I did like the story.

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