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She went in search of her roots, but she found so much more…

After the loss of her mother, Zarah goes to visit her aunt, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a young child, but she is greeted instead by a young man named Stein, who introduces himself as her aunt’s son. He seems aggressive from the start, his cold smile no comfort. It turns out that Zarah’s aunt has passed away and left her a huge inheritance. Though it’s a complete surprise to her, Stein believes Zarah is nothing more than a gold digger. Her intention had only been to uncover the mystery of her birth, but the condition of the inheritance states that she must live in her aunt’s house for six months before she can claim her legacy. Will she be able to handle red-hot Stein’s icy attitude until then?

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Makes no sense! 3  3

ok so where do I begin, well how about the fact that the explanation for Anne leaving the heroine makes no sense! It said that after the death of her first husband she gave her daughter for her sister to raise so she could go to another country earn money to pay for the daughter/heroine's operation but she the sister was waiting for Anne to come back to get her. So why did they need to tell the heroine that the sister was her mom? Just tell her the truth her mom is in another country so she could earn enough money to help her. Also she had the surgery when she was really young, so why did Anne never come back for her afterwards? She got married and could provide for her now so there was no reason, except maybe to not separate the sister and heroine since the heroine thought the sister was her mom but again that wouldn't have happened if they were honest with her from the beginning and why did she never visit? She was will to adopt the hero but not raise her biological daughter? It sounds more like she didn't want to see her daughter who reminded her of her dead husband and the sister didn't want to give up the heroine as her daughter. So Ann left her inheritance out of guilt for being a deadbeat mom. Also the romance at the end came out of nowhere. The hero has never shown any indication that he was attracted to the heroine, in fact I felt like they had an almost brother-sister relationship and then at the end he proposes and it's really rushed and out of nowhere.Also the other guy was a really pointless character. Don't get me wrong the book had some good moments and ideas. Plus the artwork was great and the heroine, hero and stepdad where all likable. Plus it had some funny moments, like when the heroine made the hero do a bunch of chores to make up to her for suspecting her of only coming for money. That was really funny! But I can't give it 5 stars due to all the things that didn't add up and that despite being a romance novel it had very little romance! So I'll give it 3 stars.

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