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Why has Connor turned Nita away when she so dearly wants to thank him?

Nita hired Connor to guard her farm after multiple incidents of harassment, and the handsome, reliable man soon became indispensable. Nita wanted to show Connor her gratitude, so one night, she headed to his bedroom to show him how much she appreciated him. Connor, however, stubbornly refused her advances. He was the perfect man, so why was he rejecting her?

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between fine and could be better 3  3

The story was alright there was just the exchange between the hero and heroine that had me jumping back and forth between liking and disliking. The heroine calls on the hero's club to investigate a series of harassment and dug holes that have popped up around their ranch. The holes almost claimed the life of the heroine's father and his horse. That was the straw that prompted her to call them and find out who did this (main suspect is some members from a rival family with an age old feud against the heroine's family). The hero is sent as a bodyguard and to catch any unscrupulous individuals on sight. He to find the only disgruntled person against the ranch was some ranch hand who was driven off after getting caught with the heroine in the hay by her father. Afterwards, things go well with the heroine talking a bit about herself and the hero helping around the ranch. Things go well till the father comes back and the housekeeper who's been like a mother since the heroine's mother died to the heroine leaves. Apparently, the father rejected the woman's proposal twenty years after his wife's death. The heroine sees her father being weak and sets out to bring them back together. When the heroine sees the way the hero cleans a kitchen, she decides to pounce him that same night. What I liked is the heroine taking the initiative in playful coitus even after the hero keeps saying no. He kicks her out and there's an awkward morning conversation between the two. They do manage to move forward with the heroine stating the hero is missing out. They finally figure out why these attacks are happening; there's buried gold on the heroine's property, which is why there are holes and the evidence points to #1 suspect. The heroine tries to seduce the hero again but he turns her away and they have another fight. It ends with how the hero doesn't want to act upon his passion and the heroine gets upset. For me, I felt the heroine was being narrow minded in not asking why like did he have a lover who burned him or a traumatic experience from childhood. I don't know but it was tiring of how she was going in for the lust. His twin is able to see why the hero and heroine fit together: hero accepts the heroine for who she is and the heroine teaches the hero how to enjoy life. The hero sits the heroine down and reveals his reasons stem from being hot tempered. Big example is how he beat a man almost to death because of the man's erratic decision that got half of their troops wounded. When he calmed down from the incident, the hero felt guilty for what he did. They have an honest conversation where the heroine questions why can't the hero have fun with what he does for a living. During this time, the father realizes just how much he misses the housekeeper but thinks she'll come back soon. Next, the heroine and hero finally go at it when the heroine survives a near death experience of someone cutting the brakes. Then heroine decides to give a word in on how the housekeeper has not only gone to work for the enemy but the house keeper might be falling in love with him. We see the man go off and only come back with a smile on his face and a Las Vegas wedding ring on his finger. The hero also quits his current job at his father's company because it wasn't making him happy. The hero wants more out of their relationship but the heroine won't give it to him because she doesn't see herself as the perfect wife. She tries to push the hero away but he doesn't budge and states he loves the heroine and wants to be with her for her. It's a nice ending with the two of them getting married but I deducted a star because we don't find out if the rival family is really the one making the pot holes.

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