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Yelena and Alex have so much they must keep hidden from one another.

At the PR firm where she works, Yelena has just taken on a big client—billionaire CEO Alex Rush. Alex is also the man she’s been crushing on forever and her late sister’s ex-boyfriend! Yelena accepts the job and goes with Alex to his resort. The two have a special chemistry that’s making it hard for Yelena to remain professional. Meanwhile, Alex has plans he isn’t sharing with her—plans for his revenge!

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The hero and heroine are long time friends but the heroine has had a crush on the hero but never acted on it, especially when her twin sister went after him and became his girlfriend for a short while. This goes on even when the hero pulls her in for a kiss and she thinks she's betraying her sister even though the sister is seeing someone else. The two don't see each for two years and a lot of things flip their worlds. The hero hires the heroine to do some PR on his family since his father's mysterious death has the hyenas plastering the word "murderer" over the hero's picture and heckling the family. The heroine does it since she wants to help the hero. She has no idea that the hero is just going to use her because her awful brother has been spreading lies and trying to oust the hero out of their work. She comes with him to his resort where his family is hiding. Imagine his surprise when the heroine brings along a baby & claims its hers. The hero has no idea it's actually the TS's baby who is really dead. It turns out during the time the hero was being hassled, the heroine & TS were on the run from the baby's daddy that was also a drug lord. . They weren't receiving any help from brother or father because the sister "destroyed" the family's image with having a baby out of wedlock. The heroine can't even tell anybody that the sister is dead (car accident) and the baby's true existence. The baby is welcomed by the hero's mother and sister who need to focus on something cute to get away from the current haywire of their lives. The hero and heroine do have a bit of a hot spat about the night he kissed her and she rejected him was the night he found his father floating dead in the pool. He tried calling the heroine for support but she never answered his many message. The heroine cries apologizing and he says she can makes amends by doing her job. During her time there, the heroine learns of the great distance between brother & hero as well as there's a dark secret between the members of the hero's family. When the hero and heroine are alone, their conservation goes from friendly to passionate intimacy. Now, the hero feels guilty of using the heroine when she spoke so well of him but still pushes to go along with it. After a few days, a couple of things happen: 1) the mother notes how the baby looks similar to the her when he was a baby, causing the heroine to wonder, 2) the heroine's jerk of a brother shows up, demanding the heroine to leave & treats his baby niece with a unwarranted disgusted look (I would have hit that man with his own glasses). 3) The hero learns the TS is dead. And 4)He gets audio evidence that the brother was the one who spread all the lies because he was jealous of the hero. Horrified by her brother's ugly insides and the reveal of the hero's revenge, she runs off with the hero chasing after her. She confesses her love to the hero but states she doesn't want to see him. Afterwards, the brother settled down after buying lots of stock. Then the heroine's called by the hero's mother for a favor. During this time, the hero can't focus on anything because he's miserable without the heroine. Then he figures out that the heroine is the baby's mother by her body and puts down the TS as the motherland thinks he might be the baby's father because he had a one night stand with the TS around the time the baby was conceived. Right then, The hero sees his mother revealing their family's dark secret that the husband was an abuser of domestic violence and she did see him drown but she was too shocked to do anything. The mother did it because she realized her son was protecting her because he thought she did push the husband. Then the hero asks for the truth of the baby's mother and the heroine confesses the baby is the TS's child and why. Then the hero reveals he might be the father from the one night. After DNA proves the hero is the father, the hero asks the heroine if all three of them can live together. He confesses his main of wanting to love to together is because he loves the heroine and has this great heartfelt speech for the heroine. The heroine confesses her love again for him and says yes to his proposal.

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