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Despite his mercurial temperament, Richard holds Isabella in his thrall.

Richard! Isabella is shocked to see a familiar face on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Her memory of the passion they shared is the single bright spot in the hellish time she spent in South America. Eight years ago, he seduced her, but it turned out he only wanted to get revenge. Now they’ve reunited just as she’s starting to make a new life for herself as a doctor. Soon he invites her to his extravagant penthouse. Though he’s become incredibly rich, there’s still a lingering shadow in his gray eyes. She’s unable to resist his desperate kisses and passionate embrace, which make his next words all the more shocking. He’s demanding that she leave the country!

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becky's comment - July 6th, 2019

A great story not only about romance, but also involves death and revenge, which makes it interesting to read.

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Some Shakespeare and such. 4  4

This had a bit of a Hamlet part in the whole thing where fathers die (murdered), women marry the culprit, and sons go off to get revenge for their father's death. So, the hero had a family till his mercenary father was killed (murdered) in a car accident. Then his mother in her grief marries the culprit because he was so comforting and the hero knows he did it to get to his mother who was beautiful. He's forced to do the man's bidding of being not only an instructor but also a ratter to anybody like his closest friends who went against the man. It's because the man threatened to sell his siblings if he didn't do it. He still does it even after his family tries to escape but are killed except his younger sister who he smuggles out and gets adopted by a loving family. He also bides his time with gathering evidence to put the man away in the darkest pit. During this time, the man gets married again to a young woman who the hero has an affair with. He tries to get her to run away with him but she doesn't, leaving him to think she wants to be with the old man. He has no idea that she is like him, threatened to stay for the sake of her family. The heroine is like the hero who lost her father to the man. Apparently, when she working alongside her father as a nurse when the man spotted her. He made obscene comments about buying the heroine and how much he would pay. It sparked a nerve with her father who grabbed him by his collar but was shot by the man's bodyguard. The man decides the best way to make "amends" is to have the heroine marry him and he'll pay for her family since without the father's support, they'll have nothing. The heroine holds herself responsible for her father's death and agrees to care for her family. Sadly, her liaison with the hero resulted in a pregnancy and the man has had a vasectomy. So, she got her whole family out safely and seemed to be granted protection. The hero and heroine don't see each other for eight years till the hero sees the heroine with his sister. The hero brings the heroine close under false pretenses and after some passionate love making, tells her to leave his sister alone. The heroine tells him to shove off but he goes to drop off a present and meets her son who's suspiciously familiar to the characteristics of his dead brother. The hero can do math and puts it together the boy is his son. The heroine tries to deny it but after a while, decides to admit. The whole event actually has the truth revealed to each other of their dark pasts and they decide to hide it. Sadly, the hero's past is filled with enemies like the ones he ratted out too. Even though, he's saved by a former friend and someone he ratted on, the hero decides he needs to stay away. This is after he confesses he was threatened by the man over his family, which the former friend hugged and forgave him since he understood. Next, the hero goes to the heroine's house to tell her that he's leaving but runs into his sister who recognizes him. His departure and parting words throw the son off his kilter and runs after the hero only to be hit by a car and sent to the ER. Luckily, one of the hero's former friends who the hero smuggled away is a doctor who saves the boy in time and gives the hero encouragement to rest. The whole fear factor gives the hero and heroine the opening into confessing their feelings of love to each other as well as taking a step in their relationship and a more happy future together. I found the ending to be a perfect fit and I really liked it.

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