Historical Romnace BORN TO SCANDAL 2

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She may be the breath of fresh air this gloomy lord needs.

Anna was just the daughter of a staff member at the earl’s residence. Then she started working for Lord Brentmore, who was looking for a tutor for his children. But his manor, with its gloomy lord and aloof staff, was forboding. The lord slowly comes out of his shell when he sees Anna’s kindness to the children. And as he learns about the pain in Anna’s heart, forbidden feelings of love begin to take root in his own.

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Heart vs. Duty 2 4  4

We go back where the heroine and hero learn of the heroine's true paternity. The hero comforts her and opens up about his experience back in his Irish home. She encourages him to tell his Irish tales to his children as a sign of love so she can forget about not being wanted by her two fathers. After they leave, the two share an intimate moment and it dies when they reach the hero's gates. They try to clamp down on their feelings but passion almost bursts forth at midnight in the library. Thankfully, they both stop before anything happens because the hero remembers he has to marry another woman and doesn't want to dishonor the heroine. It leaves a bittersweet taste in their mouths. Then the hero takes the heroine and children to London since he's being pressured from all sides to work and marry. During which, the hero's "fiancee" meets with them and the children have no idea what her title means unlike the heroine. She holds it together even before the hero asks her too. The bonus was seeing her insult her former Lord and Lady without crossing the rank line. The heroine isn't the only one facing old faces because the hero gets news that his dead wife's lover wants to see him. The man apologizes for everything and hopefully move forward in order to help the rumors die down to protect the children. As the Ex leaves, the hero compliments him on his bravery to come see the hero. Later on, we have a huge run-in with the heroine, hero, children, fiancee, ex-lover, heroine's friend (and newly discovered half-sister), hero's friend. The friend begs the heroine to come to a ball as a way for the heroine to meet respectable gentlemen who'll marry her and give her a heart and family. The heroine evades the invitation using the children but the friend manages to get the hero on her side. During this time, the heroine discovers a huge secret of the hero's and swears to keep it. During a dinner party, the ex-lover notes how the hero's fiancee and his friend are rather intimate to be called friends. This worries the heroine and she goes to see the fiancee who's curious about the heroine's relationship to the hero. The heroine states he's her employer and he's been kind to her since her mother's death. Then the heroine asks if the fiancee will be faithful to the hero with the way she looks at the friend. The fiancee states she will even though she's fallen for the friend. We move on to the ball and the hero defends the heroine from the Lord and Lady's usual verbal attacks till the friend drags her away to meet all the eligible men. As the hero contemplates with the possible future of losing the heroine, he sees her slip away from the party. One thing leads to another and the hero wakes up to find the heroine missing from their bed after one night of passionate love making. He runs all over the place till he comes upon the ex-lover who helped the heroine get away at her own request. The hero decides to take a stand by paying a fortune that not only cover the fiancee's family debts and give the friend a substantial amount of money and property to support them. It's because the friend is in love with the fiancee. Next, he goes after the heroine to confess his love. He does that when he finds her and that everything is settled. She accepts his proposal and they go back to his mansion where the children are waiting for them.

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