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Her child’s paternity could secure its future, but that’s not why Laila chose Carlos for her lover!

After his exile, Carlos of the San Renaldo royal family became a surgeon in the US. But his relationship with Laila, longtime friend and hospital lawyer, became strained after a one-night affair—their dreamlike moment of passion had serious consequences. When Laila told Carlos of her pregnancy, he insulted her by telling her that in order for the child to inherit his title, its paternity must be certain. Offended, Laila resolved to raise the child alone. A few days later, however, Carlos suddenly appeared and, while they awaited the results of the child’s parentage, invited Laila on a weeklong vacation to repair their relationship.

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defintely likeable 4  4

One of the things I liked about his story is that the heroine and hero have a relationship stemming colleagues to friends before the next turn in their relationship. After four years of developing this bond, they have a passionate one night. Yet, things go a little south. After coitus with the woman he loves, the hero becomes afraid that she'll be killed for being involved with him like his mother. Poor guy was not only exiled from his home as a kid but chased out by rebels but was also shot that nearly left him wheelchair bound and killed his mother right in front of him. It was a hard time before and after with fighting to walk then learning to live with the news he'll never have kids. So, he puts on this icy façade the next morning in order for the heroine to leave him. She does and is hurt by his cold words and actions. She keeps her cool for three months till she learns of her little bundle of joy. She tells the hero but he declares he's not the father, listing the condition he has. The conversation ends on ice with agreement to DNA test. This is happening 6 months after the hero's princely identity is revealed. The hero contemplates and decides to get examined in order to prove himself that he's infertile since he doubts the heroine lying to him. Boy, he's shocked by the news and decides to do what he can to get her back. He goes to visit her and have a sit down. They're able to comprise by going on a vacation. It was good to see the hero and heroine's thoughts as we moved along through the story. Each set out with different goals from the hero getting the heroine back into his arms to the heroine holding up the "friends only" sing. Their time alone gives them a chance to talk about their past and their feelings towards certain things like marriage. Just as they start to make progress, their vacation cuts short with new that the hero's father's health has take an turn for the worse. They head to the secret location and are warmly welcomed by the whole family. Later, the hero asks the heroine to marry and she asks for a little time. Then she says yes and they get married. Sadly, she thinks the hero only married her to make the father happy when she learns from the father that the hero broke his promise to her by telling the man about the baby without consulting her. She didn't know and nor could really accept after that the hero was desperate to get his father to agree to a life-saving surgery and revealed her pregnancy to push him. Now, she thinks the hero didn't marry her for her. She blocks out all the hero says then walks away. Next, she's suddenly kidnapped by hired hands of the rebel group who are going to force an abortion on her, so the hero will lose allies. She manages to escape and evade them long enough for the hero to swoop in and rescue her. They confess their love for each other as they rush the heroine to the hospital. Luckily, both heroine and baby pull through with the plus side being they gained more allies. it seems the world doesn't like it when you attempt to force an abortion on woman who doesn't want it. I like how we move to the ending and the ending was sweet and cute with their little baby boy. I did like this one.

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