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Grace knew everything would change when his memory returned.

Grace had just retired as a sheriff and was looking forward to the next stage of her life. But on the night of her last day at work, a man suffering from amnesia was placed in her custody. Every time he tried to remember something, his head pained him—she couldn’t leave him alone. While she diligently took care of him, her feelings for him began to warm. Then she found out he was extremely wealthy. Nevertheless, Grace decided to continue supporting him until he recovered his memory. She knew their connection would break once his memory came back, but she couldn’t deny herself this time with him…

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smooth flow 3  3

The heroine is ending her job as the sheriff in her hometown. The woman feels pretty bummed from being removed from office. It’s because she thought her hard work and sticking to the rule book would show the public that she was perfect person to hold office or jailhouse in a way. Sadly, the public chose the mayor’s son-in-law because he did the public campaign. The heroine is filling out her last hours when the deputy brings in another drunkard who ignites the heroine’s curiosity. The man has no id but wears a high-quality leather jacket and a luxury watch. The downer is the man suffers from amnesia. She takes him to the hospital who tells her that the new sheriff has discharged the prisoner and therefore releasing responsibility of him. So, the heroine takes it upon herself to pay for the medical bill and figure out who he is. Their strong personalities clash but it’s evident to see passion is bubbling near the surface. They spend a couple of days together in San Francisco, enjoying the sights till one of the heroine’s friends in the FBI gives the hero’s identity. The hero is actually a multi-billionaire from his hotels, tv station, radio station, comics, and games. Even after they tell him his identity, none of his memories resurface. Not even for the investigation assault on him in Las Vegas. They travel to Las Vegas where the hero starts making the moves on the heroine who resists since she’ll be leaving after she’s done helping him. They have dinner where they go over his life’s history, with the hero commenting how empty it looks from owning a lot of big houses but has no family to fill them. They go on to the assault case where he was stabbed by a former girlfriend, the incident led him to take a leave of absence, and that’s when he disappeared. After they step into a physical relationship, they meet his group of confidants or what he considers his family. They interrogate the heroine (obviously, and understandably) since the hero is acting so strange around this new girl. The hero gets mad at them but the heroine defends that they are only doing it to protect him. They are able to put away the ex-girlfriend from the stabbing incident, making the heroine take it as a sign to leave. The hero tries to keep her by his side with an offer of a job, instead of saying the very thing she wanted to hear from him. She tells him that she loves him then leaves him. It incites him to trash his multi-million suite. His confidants find out and they help him realize he loves the heroine. They encourage him to go after her. The hero catches up to her real quick, professing his love for her and she does the same. It ends happily.

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