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After his callous disregard, Angel had no reason to share her greatest secret with Alex.

Angel gifted her purity to Alex and believed he was the love of her life. But the very next morning, a ring fell out of his pocket. Angel was devastated and hid her broken heart beneath her memories. Six years later, she was a popular model on a small island in Greece for a photo shoot. While she was at a party on location, Alex showed up. Angel played it cool, but there was more than her heart on the line—she was keeping a secret from Alex that he must never find out.

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Nice story 5  5

I love it. The hero made mistake, but he tried to amend it. He did make the wrong moves while approaching her, but he did regret those acts and apologize kindly. Well always like the story where the men not so arogance to admit their mistakes and properly apologize. I love the moment when the heroine shouted her heart out about her fears for losing her daughter to the hero. And the hero accepted those emotions with great understanding. Because what she said was the words that I think should be said by others heroines in the same theme as this story in many HQ Universe but almost never been said. For me this story is recomended, perhaps in the novel can be better and deeper for the describing their relationship

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it was fine. 4  4

The heroine meets man she's instantly attracted to and has a one night. It ends badly come next morning when she picks up his wedding ring that fell out of his pocket. The hero allows her to think he's married because his wife died only a few week ago from multiple sclerosis but feels guilty for having coitus with another woman too soon. The heroine slaps him and they separate on bad terms. Six years fly by and the heroine is reunited with the hero as a up and coming world renowned model and him as rich businessman. She's horrified to find the hero pulling her away because she almost fainted at their reunion. Once alone, the two end up in a fight and the heroine learns of the wife's death was before they met and the hero learns the rumor of the heroine having a daughter is true. The hero states he'll get into the heroine into his bed sooner or later but she retorts it won't happen. I did like seeing both perspectives of both characters. During a private photoshoot on a private island, the heroine is left in the rain but is rescued by the hero who turns out to be the owner of the island. It gives them a chance for them to talk about things like wife and daughter's father. It gives opportunity for more information to be distributed and by the end after an intimate revelation, the hero suspects he's the father. He puts together the math and does some research that prove the he's the father of the baby. He meets with the heroine the next time and tries to figure out why she won't tell him he's the father. The heroine is wondering herself if she should tell the hero of the child. Yet, the hero beats her to it with asking if he's the daughter's father. It's a conversation that turns immediately south what with rights to being, threats of custody, and more that puts the hero and heroine at odds. They don't want to be at odds but they don't want to lose their child. They have more fights what with the heroine trying to seduce the hero in order for him agree not to see the daughter, the hero disagreeing, and such. After tears and hugging, the two are able to find some common ground of wanting to love the daughter that they find a comprise. The hero proposes marriage, which the heroine shoots down and won't reveal till the end that it's because she can't get pregnant after their daughter's birth. The hero and daughter's first meeting goes so well the the little girl wants the hero to be her daddy. So, the hero brings up marriage a couple of time for the heroine to keep rejecting till she reveals the reason mentioned earlier. It takes a frightening situation where the daughter wandered off for the hero and the heroine to work together in finding her. After they find her and everything calms down is when the heroine confesses her infertility but the hero states that he wants her for her and not to have more children. They confess their love and get married. We have the ending where the heroine gets miraculously pregnant and they have a little boy.

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