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How can they possibly reconcile after so much pain and so much time?

When she learned he’d only pretended to love her, Davina left her husband, Ruy, a noble Spaniard, and took her newborn son with her. Apparently she was just a substitute for the woman Ruy truly loved. Three years later, however, she received a letter from him saying he wanted to raise his heir. Why would he contact her after three years? Why now? Baffled, Davina went back to Spain to see Ruy, and he had the audacity to demand that she devote herself to taking care of him to atone for the sin of having left him three years earlier!

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no excuse for being a jerk 3  3

After three years of separation, the heroine gets a letter from the hero that he finally wants to see his son. So, she bring him not only to have him meet the son but so the son can get healthy. She has no idea that the letter came from her mother-in-law. One of two women who broke the hero and heroine apart during their marriage. To make it quick, the hero is wheel-bound and acts like a complete donkey's behind. He can't even curb his tongue around the little boy who he figures out immediately by his looks that he really is his son. He also holds the heroine in contempt for leaving him for another man (lie by mother). People wave it off and state it's his Spanish Pride or something. I understand that every culture has it's own perception on masculinity and femininity with how it entails these subjects should act to certain things. Yet, pride is a universal thing that is dangerous if we put it as a top priority for what we can lose. The heroine stays on because everyone says only she can help the hero regain his ability to walk. Apparently, his paralysis stems from a psychological notion that if he walks then he loses the heroine. For example, when the hero sees a man closing in on the heroine, he stands up suddenly. I did like that the mother apologize to the heroine for her part in destroying their marriage. Her reason is watching the hero being miserable for three years and the woman she deemed suitable had finally shown her true colors to the mother. In fact, she's been trying to tell the hero the truth but he does to her what he does to everyone else: blocks them out with his earwax. The heroine also suffers from culture beauty because Spain's beautiful women are dark haired and olive skin, while she isn't. She fails to see her beauty and even the hero knows it. However, he's too afraid to admit because if she figures out how mesmerizing she is then she'll leave him. There is a 3rd party in the form of friend/client of the hero who wants to tease him for not stopping the OW from seducing his cousin's fiancée away but also to help the hero get back on his feet. When the heroine is attacked by a bull in front of the hero, he finally gets a couple of things through his head. 1) he actually listens to his mother who confesses about conspiring in breaking up his marriage with lies. 2) the 3rd man makes him actually stand up in anger by goading him with how he's going to take the heroine since the hero won't treat her right. 3) the hero finally admits his feelings for the heroine. He waits for three days before she wakes up to tell her his feelings. When she's awake and they're alone, he apologizes for all the suffering he's caused her. He admits his irritable behavior was horrible after the incident (irritable is the censored word). He reveals she's the only woman he's ever loved and foolishly believed that his proposal was proof of his love enough. He had no idea of her insecurity and of other forces. He gets down on one knee and re-proposes to the heroine. She forgives him and accepts his proposal. The ending was good, I am just never fond of heroes with bad attitudes and a waxy build up in their ears along with the heroines who don't command a sit down to straighten or even talk things out.

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