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He looks down on her yet wants her to look after his wards. What can he be thinking?

One night, two children appear at Nell’s doorstep—a brother and a sister who are fed up with living with their uncle. After their father’s sudden death, the two of them went to live with their uncle Raul—apparently a strict and selfish man. When Raul comes to pick the kids up, Nell just can’t work him out—he seems charming and handsome… But why does he look down on Nell? Days later, he appears before Nell again, this time to ask her to move in and help him with the kids!

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up and down on good and bad 3  3

I feel that the hero really went overboard with the hopscotch conclusions he drew up and assumptions he conjured. I mean, he believes that the heroine was his recently deceased dead brother's lover because she lived with him and the hero is attracted to her. Really, that's the best you got??? He never seemed to ask the kids or talk to them on anything the heroine's relationship with their father. He's also shown to handle the kids fairly poorly; not in a sense of abuse but more of communication and sensitivity. I mean, what uncle would separate two close knit siblings only months after their father's death and being separated to their mother figure of the heroine, and dealing with a man who they barely know nor takes the time to know them. It's what pressures them to run off to the heroine. Frankly, I was surprised the hero blew off at the heroine because she called his house to let him know the kids were at her house. I don't why a man with a huge corporation didn't hire a private detective on the heroine and his brother's relationship nor thought to use common sense by enlisting her help in communicating with these kids since she's made their meals, bandaged their scrapped knees, and taught them good ethic values. She was only a hired housekeeper/babysitter that became part of the family. Her words do manage to reach the hero where he doesn't send the boy to boarding school and starts enlisting the heroine's help in communication. The hero even puts it down as a job since the heroine's been laid off. The heroine sees the hero in a different and more warm light once she hears of his life. She learns of the sacrifices he made for the family company and the father who disowned the older brother died right around the time the brother did from hereditary heart problems. The hero blames himself because he's the one who told the father about the brother's death, despite his mother's constant claims he didn't contribute to his death. She sees that he's good with family but has only had a hard time with communicating with his niece and nephew. Now, she's fallen in love but we get this beat around the bush for a while. It's where fidget around, trying to feel each other out till they finally hop into bed. The hero is so shocked that the heroine was a virgin till now, crumbling his assumptions and opinions of her relationship with his brother. The heroine finally learns of the hero's assumptions regarding her and his brother. She's rather shocked but like the crucial times of talking, she seems to pick the worse words in the wrong order. I mean, it's not hard to say, "We had a deep relationship as friends but he was like a big brother," or "I care for him because he was almost like a father to me. OR if you were going for the dramatics then she would have said, "Our bond was based on two lonely souls who only needed companionship." Yet, she says the wrong thing and the hero assumes she was just using him as a substitute for his brother. He shouts out some accusations and leaves the heroine in tears. She runs away in tears and they don't see each other for about four months. By then, the heroine is four months along and has found a new job. The hero suddenly appears and the heroine is all so happy to see him, even revealing she's pregnant. I was a bit surprised but happy that he didn't blow off the handle with the accusation of who's the father or baby entrapment. he confesses his love through a nice speech that he's been in love with her since day 1 but was afraid since she was the brother's lover and he having an inferior complex with his brother wouldn't be enough. He asks the heroine to marry him and she accepts. We get the ending scene where all living members are together and smiling. It was alright, I was just a little tired of the wrong choice of words or the accusations without any ground to hold them.

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