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She’s pregnant again after all this time, and she’s determined to raise the child herself.

Seven years ago, Cat gave birth to a premature baby, lost him only two days later and broke up with her fiancé. Since then she’s been focusing on work to distract herself from her pain. One day on a business trip to Barcelona, she meets a man named Dominic, a doctor. She’s instantly attracted to him and they spend a passionate night together. She knows it’s just one night, but she wants more. Still, she can’t bring herself to trust a man who seems to be hiding something and they end up parting on bad terms. That’s why, when she finds out that she’s pregnant, Cat decides to raise the child on her own.

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nicely paced 4  4

The heroine is on a business trip/vacation to get away from her recent breakup with a man. Once you hear what he said that caused the heroine to break up with him, you'll wish you were there to beat him with your purse full of bricks. After a bad travel time with luggage returning home without her. The heroine's only ray of sunshine is the hero who's a gentleman to her. They end up having an amazing time for that weekend. The heroine is even able to deal with the grief of her son's death anniversary. That is until an emergency has the heroine see a ring shaped bump in the hero's case. It causes her to be suspicious and search a little more where she find a wedding picture with the hero holding the bride. The heroine runs out in the room in tears because she had affair with a married man; another weight on her shoulders. When she returns home and resumes her life, we get a look at her past and it's sad: the heroine was pregnant with her fiancée's baby but the baby boy had Edwards syndrome. The fiancée who was a pediatrician insisted on abortion that broke her engagement. She gave birth too early and the little boy died two days later. In fact, that was why the heroine broke up with the second guy because she wanted to marry with kids and he said," You want to ruin my perfect life by having another deformed baby," THAT INSENITIVE, EGOSTATICAL, ROTTEN JERK!!!! How dare he talk to her like that!!! I was glad that she dropped him like a hot potato. Now, the heroine finds out she's pregnant but decides to not tell the hero because she's dealing with the anxiety of her baby possibly having Edwards syndrome and the fear of destroying a marriage with going to the hero to reveal his new title of "Daddy". Funny enough, the hero pops up when the heroine is seven months along. He does a weird listing of options but draws to the conclusion quickly that he's the father of the heroine's baby. They have dinner where they learn about each other: 1) the hero's wife died two years ago, 2) The hero wants to be involved no matter what condition his child is in, 3) Hero insists the heroine should have told him, despite the whole "he's married" theory, and 4) it's a girl. I liked that they have an adult conversation with only a few disagreements that don't blow up. The hero does leave for a bit to make sure he get the job at the heroine's hospital and to notify his parents. Now, this is what I liked about the hero's mother is that she's welcoming the heroine into the family but she's keeping her nose out of her son's relationship, so they can figure out where they stand themselves. They slowly grow closer with opening up about some deeper things like the hero's wife died from a brain tumor. I was a little disappointed with the hero's declaration of only friends with no benefits but that goes flying out the window quickly. Then we get a frightening situation involving one of the heroine's friends who was her rock through the bad times. After the frightening experiences calms down in happier tones, the friend begs the heroine to open up about her son and she does. The hero does about his wife because he was there to support the heroine's friend during that trying time. Then the hero opens up about his wife and the fact that he didn't stop searching for the heroine after their weekend. She reveals about her first pregnancy and child. When all of it is let out, the hero expresses his wish to marry to the heroine because he wants to be with her. The heroine says yes and we get that sweet ending. I was only disappointed that we didn't get to see the baby and why it's a four star and not five star.

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