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An age-old feud can stifle true love, but not forever…

Determined to revive her family’s business in accordance with her late father’s will, Maddie returns to her home country and appears at a party full of big players in the wine-making industry. Her intention is to convey her resolve to Nic, who has been persistently urging her to sell the vineyard. Eight years ago, they fell in love, but because of an age-old enmity existing between their families, their parents drove them apart. Then a hair-raising secret concerning the two families came to light, and ever since, Maddie and Nic have lived in an uneasy state of mutual hatred. But their reunion at the gala will force them to face their enduring love…

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not exactly my favorite 3  3

So, we have the modern day version of Romeo and Juliet but they don't commit suicide. The story was interesting with the hero and heroine having a one day encounter then get pulled away by their families. We even get the reason why the families have been feuding and it was because best friends fought over one woman. Although, it's never clarified if the woman went to either of the men. We see that after their encounter, the heroine is arguing with her mother on wanting to see the hero because she loves him. The mother confesses that the hero may be her brother because she was with the hero's father's lover before he turned her away for his wife but they restarted their affair later. The father overhears the whole thing and kicks the wife (expected) and his daughter (sadly) out of house and home. The heroine goes to see the hero but she's unable to reciprocate his feelings since he could be her brother. She pulls out all these lies that breaks the hero's heart and they separate. They don't see each other for eight years till the heroine inherits the deteriorating vineyard her father left her. Frankly, I'm surprised that she was still in his will after eight years of what seemed to be radio silence. Now, the main couple's reunion sparks up a lot of tension of give up the vineyard and no one will help you. The hero tells the heroine in a angry tone of how her family destroyed his eight years ago. Apparently, after the heroine and her mother left, her father came barging in on the heroine's home and revealed the affair to the hero's father and mother. The hero's mother was already weakened from depression took the news as her straw on the camel's back. They meet the next day where the hero gets a shock that the "princess" actually has a degree in zymurgy (wine) at a famous university. We do find out the threats are from the hero's lawyer who was his father's lawyer who had the lawyer make the threats to pressure the heroine to sell the vineyard to him. The hero gets her to have dinner with him, where she reveals about the past of being chased out by her father and not leaving. She opens up on how she worked hard and received little help from strangers. We have a passionate tryst but the heroine pushes away. She finds her a potential investor but the hero warns her to stay away from him. She doesn't listen and fights off nearly getting raped. Luckily, when the man comes after her again, the hero is there beside her and uppercuts the creep real good after his awful insults towards the heroine. Next morning, the hero offers to finance the vineyard if the heroine will spend one night with him. This is where I am begging the heroine not to go along with it because it's still not clear about whether the two are brother and sister or not. However, she goes for the whole thing but only because one of her loyal staff is in desperate need of medical care. They have one night then it goes on for a while and I'm just starting to wonder when is she going to tell him. After some time, the heroine finally reveals the little tidbit of information about the supposed blood relation. She does state that even after it was proven she was her father's daughter but the father still didn't accept her. I didn't exactly like the fact she was using the "possibility" of them being siblings when she just proved with her words that they weren't. The heroine asks if the hero can really love when she comes from such a torn up family and their family feud. They separate for a bit till one more phone chat causes the hero to be suspicious. He races to her place, finding documents that she's given the vineyard to him and is leaving. He rushes to the bus stop and stops her in time. We have this great confession of love and breaking the cycle of hate. The heroine confesses her love for him and we get a happy ending. It was alright but there were some things that just didn't suit my tastes.

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