Historical Romance LORD HAVELOCK'S LIST 1

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The perfect bride would never seek love in matrimony.

Lord Gregory Havelock is a descendant of one of Britain’s most established families. He has a sizable fortune and his looks aren’t bad, either. Dozens of women among London’s elite chase after him as a most eligible bachelor, and although he’s sick of the attention, Havelock must get married. That is the condition that must be fulfilled for him to take his half sister into his care. Gregory consults with his friends and creates a list of the ideal traits he wants in his future bride. Then he meets Mary at a ball, a woman who appears to check every box on his list!

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The hero stuck trying to save his little half sister from being held against her beloved dead step-father's relatives for her fortune. However, he has no leverage that would put him as a suitable guardian till the lawyer states the only solution is for the hero to marry. The confirmed bachelor must find a woman he can marry quickly and quietly in order to get custody. So, his friends and him draw up a list of traits and attributes that the ideal woman should possess. Then they head to a lower class ball where such a woman might exist. It's there that he meets the heroine who meets the most of requirements. So, the hero decides to test her with certain questions and situations. For example, he gets a pickpocket to steal his friend's wallet and catch him in front of the heroine. This way, he can see her reaction to the idea of punishing the child. She manages to impress him with not only her empathy for the child but for her sensibility in how since the hero is rich and an adult that he should take responsibility to help children like the pickpocket. So, he keeps his promise of hiring the pickpocket as a junior butler of some sort. Now, the hero has found his ideal woman but he's met with a dilemma. The heroine is living of her poor but loving relatives who took her in after her parents died and she tossed from relative to relative. She's currently looking for jobs to be independent. He realizes that if he doesn't make his move soon then he'll lose her. The next day, he goes to the heroine to sweeten her with honeyed words and a proposal but she rejects him!!!! The man nearly suffers a panic attack because he's one of the biggest eligible bachelors in high society and he just got rejected in his holy matrimony offer!!! He attempts to persuade the heroine but she stands strong. He unfortunately realizes that she also meets up with his requirement that she had to be smart but smart also means being realistic. It was so funny! At his wit's end, the hero tells the heroine the truth of why he's so quick to marriage. He puts the offer down as a business deal, listing that the heroine wouldn't be a burden on her beloved relatives. The heroine checks on everything of what their marriage is. Once, the hero answers all her questions honestly, the heroine agrees to the marriage. They have a sweet and quick ceremony. Afterwards, they go back to the hero's family home and find all the servants gone because they didn't get the letter of the hero's arrival. We have a fun ending to book 1 of them working together on cooking and cleaning with the two enjoying themselves.

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