Historical Romance LORD HAVELOCK'S LIST 2

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She has accepted the duties of the viscount’s wife. That is all.

A woman who is not of the upper class, who has no close relatives, who looks presentable, who may or may not be poor. She should be modest and obedient, not seek love in matrimony and not be a halfwit. Most important, she must like children and be kind. Mary checks every box on Gregory’s list of ideal characteristics for a wife, so he proposes to her and they are married. Everything has been going according to Gregory’s plan, except that Mary is even more intelligent, charming and sincere than he expected. Will Gregory’s conscience undermine his happiness?

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I love it!

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After a few days of no servants, titles, or family members have given the heroine and hero a chance to grow closer. However, when the servants do appear, the hero changes to a distant and cooler behavior. The change hurts the heroine but she stays strong what with helping around and getting the whole place up and running. The hero only becomes more distant when he brings back his sister who's a brat to the heroine but only shows cuteness to the brother. The hero spends all his time with the sister and even shouts rudely at the heroine for a misunderstanding. The heroine holds it in and tries to keep a stiff upper lip but she has a little shining knight on the side. it's the butler in training who discreetly talks about the heroine being alone to the hero then when he's alone with the little sister, he calls her a bully. This sparks a fight and we finally learn why the little sister is so nasty. Apparently, the relatives told her all these lies of how the heroine hates her and is trying to take away the brother. The heroine pulls her in for a hug and states none of that is true. She tells the little girl how she deeply cares for her and their loving bond is forged. Things go well till the hero's friends come by with the list that the hero desperately doesn't want the heroine to see. However, after hearing from one of the friends of the hero's boy crush on his stepmother and the lengths he went for her. She comes up with the idea that she was only necessary nothing more. Yet, the straw that broke the camel's back is when she finds his list. She's able to see it was written by his friends because of the differences in handwriting. In anger, she writes up her own list and decides that since she's no longer useful to the hero that she should leave. Especially since she's fallen in love with him and can't bear to be hurt by him anymore. She has no idea that the hero does love her but he lets her go because he thinks she needs a break from working too hard. He doesn't put two and two together of how she became distant after his friends left. The heroine leaves with the little butler in training following behind her. She dries her tears and clears her eyes with plans to help children like the young boy escape from the hard life by opening up a school with the help of her relatives. This will also help her ease the pain of her unrequited love. Weeks pass and only the hero is more miserable than the sister with the heroine's absence. He starts making plans to see her when he stumbles across her list. He finally does the math with how she words the list that she saw his list, much to his horror. Figuring out it's the reason why she left since he was the root cause. The things she writes down of what she wants in a husband like someone who is honest, respectful, and truthful to her really makes the hero feel ashamed. He gets the fastest horse and races to the heroine. He finds her about to be accosted by an horrendous individual who sells children to sketchy businesses. The hero steps in and chases the man away. When the heroine almost has a fainting spell, the in-law lets it slip of the possibility of the heroine being pregnant. The hero swings the heroine around into a hug, expressing how happy he is. Then he tells the heroine that she's irreplaceable. His words touch the heroine and she heads back with him to the mansion where they finally have a talk. He reveals that what he felt for the stepmother was family affection and didn't know what love was till the heroine came. He lists all the things he loves about her, going how he's a stupid and selfish man, and asking her to accept his love. She accepts with an "I love you" and we get a happy ending.

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