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Matteo’s debonair veneer rubs off the moment he tries to cheat on Grace’s best friend…with Grace!

After collapsing due to overwork, Grace visits her friend in Italy to recuperate. There she meets handsome aristocrat Matteo. He’s so gorgeous he takes her breath away. Then her friend proudly announces that she’s pregnant with Matteo's baby. But a few days later, he hits on Grace! How can he imagine that she’d accept his advances when her friend is carrying his child?

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2.5 say what now?????? 3  3

I don't expect anybody to know about pregnancy; it can be different for everybody. However, there are rules one needs to follow in order to have a healthy baby or show that you really care for your newborn. I couldn't believe the heroine's Friend was so quick to lie but didn't have any backing on the do's or don'ts. The only thing that topped it off was the fact the heroine never called her out on any of it. So, the heroine is sent to recuperate when she collapses from the stress of working and taking care of her mother. Her Friend brings her to Italy where a man she's been with lives. She reveals that she's pregnant with the man's baby and asks the heroine keep it quiet. The heroine does and so would I. It's because they're friends but the woman was drinking wine. Rule#1; no alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. Heroine lets it got because of the surprise news. She then meets the hero who flirts with her and she rejects him because he's supposed to be with her Friend and the father of the baby. The hero keeps trying and the heroine keeps on rejecting. This is after the hero states the Friend isn't his girlfriend. So, he decides to use the Friend to bring the heroine. So, the heroine meets the hero's grandmother and daughter who immediately take to her, unlike the Friend. Towards the end of the evening, the heroine and Friend separate because the friend wants to drink more wine with the hero. Here I'm like, "What do you want your kid to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome???!!". I was so shocked but the fact that the heroine didn't stop her or any thing was ridiculous!!!! During this time apart, the heroine and grandmother are together where the grandmother reveals how the friend has been appraising the works of art but never asking their history and went to the estate instead of the winery where the hero asked her to meet him. All signs for the grandmother point that the woman doesn't love the hero for him but for his material assets. Even the heroine sees her point and the grandmother continues on of how the hero won't pursue a real relationship till he meets the one because of how he lost his wife in childbirth. The next day, the Friend is too hungover to go with the heroine anywhere (the heroine doesn't scold her for drinking, while pregnant). So, the heroine goes off alone with the hero tagging along to show her the sites. They have a good talk and a kiss that the heroine immediately regrets because of the whole baby factor. Only her pulling away has the hero wanting more because he's sees the heroine as the one. They come back to a ranting Friend, angry at them for leaving her. When the hero states their relationship is over, the Friend reveals her pregnancy to hold onto the hero. Everyone is shocked and the heroine leaves, while everyone else has a talk. The heroine goes back home and later on, the hero follows her. He proclaims he loves her but has to do the responsible thing of marrying the Friend. The heroine states she loves him back but he needs to be responsible and they separate. Six months fly by and the Friend comes by drunk at the heroine's workplace to take her out. By this time, the woman should be at least 6 to 7 months pregnant, so a noticeable slight roundness to a round belly should be obvious. Yet, she's flat as a board. The heroine should have scolded her right there that she's pregnant or comment on the fact that she doesn't look at all this "many months" pregnant. The heroine drags her away and the Friend takes her to the bar about how the heroine is in love with the hero, the hero paid for her family's crisis, and to stay away from the hero. Thankfully, the heroine doesn't because she wants to pay the hero back for the money he gave. The hero invites her in and tells her the whole thing. He states that the Friend was never pregnant in the first place because when the grandmother insisted on checking at a hospital, the friend rejected the whole thing. As if rejecting the hospital visit wouldn't be suspicious enough. So, the grandmother paid off the woman and she just left. The hero wanted to come sooner but he got held up by work and the Friend took the opportunity to push the heroine farther away from the hero. After that is all cleared away, the hero gets down on one knee and asks the heroine to marry him because he loves her. She says yes and we all get a happy ending. Personally, romance wise was alright but common sense was a bit lacking. It's so silly how nobody could see the lies when it came to the Friend's "pregnancy"; like the drinking, rejection of hospital, and the fact that there was no round belly when the heroine saw the woman six months after declaring she's pregnant. Yeah, a bit much for me.

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