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She’d been hurt before—how has she not learned her lesson?

Lara’s disastrous marriage came to an end, and she believed she’d never love again. But then she meets the charming Bryce at her aunt’s party. She’s instantly attracted to him but warns herself to stay away. Her painful experiences should have taught her that lesson. To love and trust men only leads to heartache! But he persists in asking her out. He’s pushy yet surprisingly kind, and she lets her guard down around him. She never thought it would happen, that she would again be betrayed by a man she trusted so deeply…

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nice romance 4  4

The heroine is getting over her recent divorce from her abusive husband. Nobody except her aunt knows that he was abusive. The heroine fell for the man because he was rich man who showered her with sweet words and flowers that she would have believed him if he said the sky was green. She married him because she was poor and he rich but also the fact that he was kind to her. It was after she was married that he showed his true colors and the heroine suffered for years. Now, she's free and penniless but on the move to go forward. She's moves to Australia and is invited by her aunt to stay at her place where she meet the aunt's friend. The friend turns out to be the hero who's real friendly but the heroine is distrustful towards men. Yet, the hero doesn't give up and wants to show the heroine that he's trusting enough to be a friend. The aunt has no problem and even makes her own moves with trying to get the hero and heroine together since the heroine rejected all the other suitors. The both of them are upfront with the hero asking her about the marriage and the heroine giving him a description of a controlling man but not the abusive part yet. The hero offers to be friends with the heroine and she hesitantly accepts his offer. We get a recap on the heroine's marriage as well as why she accepted the offer. Afterwards, the hero is able to get her to trust more with picnic and a wonderful view where she divulges more information about her marriage like no penny. The hero is angered for the heroine and states how unfair. Then the hero starts to see more of the heroine when she injures her arm and her aunt is away. It was really interesting to see the two of them interact with each other, as well as the both of them becoming more and more attracted. They finally confess their attraction and go to the next level. However, another obstacle comes along in the form of an old schoolmate of the heroine who has eyes on the hero. Later, the hero asks the heroine to marry him but she asks for more time since she is still getting over her divorce. The hero understands and begins to wait. Sadly, the old Schoolmate becomes very rude towards the heroine, stating how in school, the heroine was nicknamed a gold digger because of how she stated that she wanted to marry a rich man and such. The hero asks the heroine if it's true and the heroine is too horrified to answer. So, he immediately suspects that she knows about his true identity and accuses her of trying to trap him since he actually is rich. The heroine states she didn't know but a fight breaks out. The only way it stops is when the aunt who tries to break it up collapses from a heart attack. The two separate on fragile terms and the aunt recovers. By then, the heroine finds out she's pregnant. She leaves for home but her aunt calls the hero to inform him of the heroine's pregnancy. When the heroine is back, she's cornered by the ex-husband who is coercing her to be his witness on the stand against a rape case. The heroine resists and when he tries to grab her, the hero comes in. His threats scare the ex away and he takes the heroine aside to talk. The heroine and heroine talk out things and confess their love. The hero asks the heroine to marry him again and she says yes this time. We learn the former school mate only wanted to get a little bit of revenge on the heroine for rejecting a classmate in school. We do get the nice end page of the wedding.

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