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Is she nothing more than a mistress to him?

Marnie met Italian tycoon Leandro at the café bar where she worked and decided to move in with him. A year later, although her days are filled with love, Marnie is haunted by anxiety. He won’t tell her anything about himself, and he doesn’t ask her anything about herself, either. Wanting to know where she stands, Marnie tells him how she feels, but she’s met with cruel words—it seems she is nothing more than a mistress to him. Hurt, Marnie decides to leave Leandro. Then she discovers that she’s pregnant with his child…

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3.5 alright if not stop and go 4  4

We're going to go by this chronologically. The hero got married young and had a son. Then he discovered that not only is his wife cheating on him but that his son isn't biologically his. He keeps it a secret, divorces his wife, and keeps on going to see the little boy as his son. Years later, he runs into the heroine as a waitress. They strike up a relationship but have different titles: heroine thinks they're boyfriend/girlfriend and the hero believes man and mistress. This goes on for a year with the heroine working, going school, and being there for the hero. Things start to turn when the heroine drops by at a party, thinking the hero invited her but he didn't and it does spark a bit of discord. Luckily for them, flames of passion douse it out. After, the heroine reveals she's been going to school and has an internship waiting for her at NASA. She wants to know the hero's feelings and he cuts her off with his emotional barrier. She finally asks what their relationship is to him and he breaks her heart with revealing what he sees them as. They then separate and the heroine runs into her estranged brother who comforts her as she cries. Their action is seen by the hero via security camera and he believes the brother to be the heroine's lover. He goes off his own experience and thinks the same thing is happening again. So, the heroine discovers she's pregnant and goes to tell the hero, he denies it and wants a DNA test. She complies but after the testing, she leaves the car of stating how she loved the hero and how his words of paying her to give up complete custody of their child has greatly insulted/hurt her. She runs to the train station and the hero lets her go. Once there, the heroine suffers a fall that causes her amnesia. After three days of radio silence, the hero finally gets a call from the hospital that notify him of the heroine's location. By then, he's already learned the baby is his and the "boyfriend" is the brother. He realizes that he's messed up big time and wants to make things right with the heroine. When he learns of the heroine's amnesia has caused her to forget everything after the talk of internship. He takes this opportunity...… lie. He lies about how they're engaged and more. Anyone can tell the hero is setting himself up for failure but he's a desperate. They even start opening up on how they lack parental love from childhood. She does get her memories back on the day of their wedding and tells the heroine she can't marry him. We fast forward three months later where the heroine is living with her relatives. The hero comes up and opens up about his past marriage and what happened. He reveals that after the betrayal, he wasn't in love with anyone till she came along. How he was afraid and jealous when he saw the security footage. He apologizes and asks for the heroine's forgiveness as well as confessing his love for her. He asks for a second chance and the heroine forgives him and decides to give their relationship a second chance. It was a nice and great ending, I was just a little disappointed that the heroine gave up working towards being an astrologist and it didn't even have to be in the states, she could have found another internship at a college that had graduate programs for someone in that particular subject but she did. Then we get the ending with the cute baby.

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