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Can a love snuffed out so long ago be rekindled?

When Megan was young and studying abroad in England, her boyfriend, Nicholas, dumped her, explaining that he was the heir to a noble family and he had to marry a noblewoman. She returned home heartbroken, and never received a response to the one letter she sent him. The letter had been her last hope, but he never replied despite the unresolved issues between them. Now, ten years later, Megan is again in England and working as a lecturer. She enjoys reliving the nostalgic days of her youth, but she’s moved on. So what is she to think when Nicholas suddenly appears before her?

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A bit boring but nice 3  3

With reading for 0.99cents than even 1.99.

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3.5 vague information 4  4

So, the heroine and hero were dating for a couple of months till the hero broke up with her in the worst way. He tells her the reason comes from the fact that before they were started dating and during their time, he had a fiancée. Now, the family calls him back because it's time do his obligation and marry the right girl. The heroine is heartbroken and tries to convince the hero but he doesn't listen. She flies back home to US then finds out she's pregnant and send him a letter. The only problem is that she doesn't specify what or why they need to talk. She puts down they have one more unresolved issue to go over; I realize that it's hard for a woman to tell a guy who broke up in that way of his impending fatherhood to another woman nor is it the best but he can't go on that. That letter could mean anything and she needed to specify like, "Hey, I'm pregnant!". He gets the letter, doesn't get it, and doesn't respond back. So, the heroine has a sweet baby boy and works hard for the next decade of raising her kid and building a stable life. Now, she seems to have found the time to go back to England with an abroad program and tell the hero. They're reunited quickly and I did like that we get to see both their perspectives from past and present. As we move through the story, the heroine navigates her feelings, her dates with the hero, and finding when's the right time and place to tell him about his son when she's afraid that he'll reject his son. It also gives the heroine a chance to learn about the hero's divorce and that he didn't take their break up well either. He almost hopped a plane to see her drunk when he got her letter. They go through a lot of ups and downs with bringing their past up into the present. As the heroine wonders on when's the right time, she finds one of her female students looking ill. She learns the student is pregnant and isn't sure what to do. She advises the student that her boyfriend has a right to know and proceeds to tell the hero. However, she beaten when the hero shows up unexpectedly and the students note the son's similarities to the hero's old family portraits. When they're alone, the hero and heroine do have a bit of a fight, "Why didn't you tell me? I sent a letter? Not enough information. You should have told me. No use wishing to go back into the past." They're able to talk things through with a lot of apologies made. The little boy does handle the truth well and it gives groundway for the hero and son to build a bond. After some time, the hero invites the heroine out for a drive to the place where they dated and broke up. The hero asks the heroine how she feels about him; she replies she's afraid. The hero admits that he's afraid too, of controlling his feelings. He talks about how immature and foolish he was when they were dating but he 's changed with the only thing that has stayed is his love for the heroine. He asks for another chance to be with the heroine for the heroine. He asks her to marry him and she confesses her love for him too. We get a cute epilogue with the student and her boyfriend together and the heroine and hero together with their two kids. Not a bad story.

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