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She knew they’d made no promises, so why does she feel so broken-hearted?

Lisane attends a lively party with her lover, Zac. He is a skilled lawyer and millionaire with a magnetic charm. Other women are always pursuing him. And every time she sees them on his tail, Lisane is reminded that she and Zac have made no promises to each other, that nothing ensures Zac will stay at her side. A couple of weeks later, she’s both elated and anxious to learn that she’s pregnant with Zac’s child. But that same day she sees something in the newspaper that makes her heart stutter—it’s an announcement of Zac’s engagement to another woman!

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The hero and heroine are lovers with no strings attached for about a year. The heroine has fallen in love with the hero but tries to remain neutral when women clamor around him or when his childhood friend makes her constant jabs about how the hero is marrying her because she's perfect for the him. She says things like how she doesn't care that he's surrounded by women to his face (makes the man feel sad, she does). The whole arrangement began when the heroine bumped into the hero and sparked a relationship but the heroine recently broke off her engagement to a family friend because she realized that she loved him as family and not as a man. The whole thing probably stems from the wedding fever when the heroine's older sister got engaged to the OM's older brother. When she told the hero this, he proposed a no strings attached deal. After a year, the heroine has come to the conclusion that the hero is using her as a shield. So, she keeps things from him but she doesn't hide it well. Her secrets in turn, push the hero farther away because he wants her to be honest with him. Then the heroine goes home for her sister's wedding. Frankly, I was shocked about how insensitive the OM's mother was with telling the heroine on how she should marry the OM. I felt so sorry for the OM to have his mother talk like that. Although, when the OM drops the heroine off, he states he still loves the heroine and wants to marry her. However, the heroine rejects him and goes back. Things take a turn for the worse when the heroine discovers she pregnant with the hero's baby and the story of the hero being engaged to the Childhood friend. When he calls to talk to her about the article, she asks if she should congratulate him and he responds if he should thank her. Hurt by his statement, she ends the call of how they're breaking up. So, he runs over to her place and clears up the whole thing was fabricated by the Friend who claimed ignorance but the hero isn't stupid. Then he finds the pregnancy box and the heroine gives him the free card. Yet, he says, "Let's get married." and manages to convince her to accept her. Her fears start disappearing when the hero's parents turning out to be really kind people rather than the snobs the heroine thought them to be. The hero taking part in everything, so much that the heroine regards it suspicious. Especially when he gets mysterious phone calls and keeps certain things from the heroine. He even asks her to keep the news of their engagement a secret. Next, he has her accompany him to the Friend's house to make it clear by revealing news of their marriage that the hero isn't coming around. I am so glad that he's on top of that problem. The news stings the Friend, so she turns her ire on the heroine when the hero's back is turned. Her words really hurt the heroine who keeps these things from the hero who gets upset over the heroine not being open with him. The heroine goes out the next morning and is nearly attacked by a father who's mad over the hero putting his son in prison. He found out about her and the engagement to the hero because an article was posted about it. He attacks the heroine with a knife but the hero is there to intervene. He gets slashed but it's only a flesh wound. He reveals a recent case he's taken has gotten a lot of harassment like bullet holes in his car. He didn't want to tell the heroine because it would stress her out and he wanted to protect her. The heroine finally reveals all the nasty stuff the Friend has been saying to her to the hero who's angered by his Friend's words. Right then, the devil heard the hero calling her name because the Friend comes barging in when she heard the hero got hurt. She blames the heroine for his wound but the hero shuts her up because he knows it was her revealing the engagement article in hopes the culprit would go after the heroine since she used the same journalist who published the fabricated engagement. He tells the Friend that he may not have the proof but he doesn't want her to be a part of their lives. The woman runs off shame-faced and the hero pulls the heroine in for a tight hug. He confesses he's loved her since the moment they met but kept his feelings in check because she was still getting over her dissolved engagement. He opens up on how he wanted her to express herself more, be open on no woman on him but she remained quiet. Plus, their fight really hurt him because she said congratulations like their relationship (him)meant nothing to her. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. She also reveals her feelings were the same as his back then but she was afraid he didn't want to commit. And we get a happy ending.

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