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He’s escorted her into his glamorous world, but Ellen knows she shouldn’t trust him.

Ellen’s beloved home is about to be sold. The prospective buyer is Max Vasilikos, the real-estate mogul. Ellen doesn’t care how rich he is. She’s not going to let him have her house. But Max turns out to be an incredibly attractive man. When he finds out about Ellen’s charity activities, he invites her to a charity ball. Ellen hesitates and says such a glamorous occasion isn’t for someone like her. But Max insists and kindly escorts her to the party. Ellen keeps reminding herself that she mustn’t fall for him, that he’s only being kind because he wants her house.

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I love this 5  5

The male character is not a jerk. That's great. I like a manga which good amount of conversation. This is one of those, for me.

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a more modern cinderella 3  3

As I went over of how I perceive the book, I found it to be the modern day Cinderella. In the beginning, the heroine is living with her greedy stepmother and stepsister who have made her life miserable and want to sell her family's home after selling anything of value to sate their greed. Luckily, their buyer happens to be the hero who is not only charming but sensible. He sees the house and wants it for his home and sees the heroine to be more interesting in her track suit than her stepsister all glammed for the nines. One of the reasons the greedy stepsister couldn't sink her claws into him was because her type are a dime a dozen in his world. Now, the heroine is honest in revealing that he can't get the house since it was spilt into three shares with her holding back the sale. So, the hero decides to take her on a version of a ball (vacation). He takes her out, dresses her up, and shows interests in her passions. He honestly likes her forward opinion and her dedication to giving her kids and children with limited opportunities the chance to have fun. He discusses with her on what to donate and treats her like a lady. This vacation also gives them time to relate with losing their mothers at the same age and the trials they went through with the bad family members. Once, he hears of the hurt the stepmother and stepsister have caused the heroine and how miserable she is, he tells her to let go of the house. He goes by his own experience and sees the heroine does have control to have happiness but chooses to be miserable in order for them to not get their way. I wouldn't want my child to choose that path of suffering under those people. The hero rejects the whole thing but decides to go through with it. In the end, the house is sold to the hero and the stepmother and stepsister are ready to buy everything. That money is going to run out so fast that they won't be able to buy a cheap coverup bottle from a pharmacy but that's their decision. The heroine goes back to the house one more time and runs into the hero who confesses his love and wish to be with her. She accepts and they have a happily ever after in the heroine's home. I did like this story because it's a fairytale with a better twist. The only reason I gave this a 3 not a 4 star because the illustrator or author didn't give a scene where the stepmother and stepsister see the heroine with her new beau, the man they sold the house to. It would have been a picture worth a thousand words.

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