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Sarah knows life isn’t like the songs she sings, but she can still dream of love.

Every night Sarah sings at a nightclub under the stage name Sabine. But Sarah dreams of being an opera singer. Though she isn’t enamored with the scandalous outfits she has to wear or dealing with the club’s wealthy clientele, Sarah sings as Sabine in exchange for operatic rehearsal time at the venue. Despite her general disinterest in the club’s clients, she is taken with Bastiaan, a Greek businessman who shows up backstage at her performance one day. She knows he can only be interested in the persona of Sabine and not the real Sarah, but her heart beats faster all the same.

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becky's comment - May 10th, 2019

I admire the heroine since she is persistent in pursuing dream and dares to love and hate.Thanks to the detailed depictions of the hero and the heroine's struggle and uncertainty about each other, the chemistry and conflict between them are very convincing and my heart beats faster everytime they get together.

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Superb heroine 5  5

I love it. It's a rare thing to see such a determined and stand out heroine in harlequin. Especially after she's being accused for something she didnt commit. I love the part when she sang the aria and throw the knife, perfecto. And really mesmerized when she pushed the word 'go to hell' to the hero. It's such an emotional situation, it's the feeling betrayed by someone that we thought we can trust. So it's normal if she spat out like that. I love the ending too, when the hero admitted all his fault. I mean, i m tired with all those alpha male or too cold hero to admit his faults within many stories. I love lovely heroine with powers and kindness but not to perfect as the saints just like many of heroines in harlequin whose many easy to forgive. This story's heroine is one of rare gem in harlequin stories.

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Club is really Opera 4  4

The hero is a once bitten, twice shy kind of a guy but he also bites hard when things he cares about are in danger like his naïve cousin. His aunt comes to him with worry that her son is being led astray by some tart at a club because of the huge amounts of cash have been withdrawn from his inheritance that the hero has control over. I would consider it serious if the kid is neglecting his college homework, if I was his mother, I would be on him like Donkey Kong. The boy also sounds like a brat with wanting to use his inheritance for WHATEVER HE WANTS. I mean who withdraws 20,000 like that these days unless it's for a house payment but he's staying at his cousin's for free and it's not for groceries because he's a got housekeeper who sends the hero the bill, nor pays utility, water, electric, cable, etc. He should get the real experience of being a poor college student; that will change his tune on spending money. He goes to see the younger cousin wagging his tail at the singer and assumes his harsh past experience is happening to the cousin. He decides to trap the woman and get her to stay away from the cousin. He has no idea the heroine is actually covering for the real singer and she's an operetta in secret working for her big break. She does shock him with rejecting his dinner invitations, gifts, and giving him the big N-O. Although, she's surprised when a friend/fan introduces her to his big cousin (the hero). There is a hiccup in the text when the cousin say, "my father sent you", I had no idea the hero spoke to the dead!!! *Just a typo meant to say mom*. As the hero and heroine meet more and more, they become attracted to each other. The hero even starts doubting the heroine is who he first imagined her to be. She doesn't wear revealing clothes, acts with manners, and such but he is still cautious. Things start going this way when he finds her alone and given a week off. He takes her back to his place and they have a marvelous time with not just the coitus but getting to know each other. Then the hero sees bank checks and the heroine's phone list with the cousin's number in it. He doesn't act on it because he wants to believe the heroine and not act on just assumptions. Yet, it gets worse when he hears his cousin withdrew 200,000 but not for what and the heroine disappears on him. He thinks she changed her target but she really goes back to work. So, he goes to her workplace and accuses her of manipulating him and cousin for money. Hurt by his accusations, the heroine decides to finally reveal her musical talent as a operetta at the night club, which would ruin her future as an operetta. It was brilliant with how she acted it all out and driving the knife into the hero's table. When she goes off stage, the hero is blocked by the manager who clears the air of who the heroine truly is and the cousin's involvement with their play. The stupid cousin withdrawal of 200,000 was for a fancy car (OH Geez, he's going to burn his inheritance like kindle to fire). Now, the hero is distraught for what he's just destroyed and wants to make amends with the heroine but nobody will let him get close to her. He tries sending her gifts and donations but nothing works. He sees her at her big performance and sets to leave after but finds her in the garden. She lets the small mercy of hearing the hero's side from being responsible for the welfare of his cousin to his own vile experience of where a woman used him for his money then disappeared with a lot of it. He begs for the heroine's forgiveness and a second chance as well as confessing his love for her. The heroine accepts because she's was waiting to hear ," I love you" from the hero. They hug and kiss then we fast-forward six months later to their wedding day. It was a nice ending.

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