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From best friends to lovers to parents…

Jo is completely focused on her job as an accountant, which is apparently why her long-term boyfriend decided to leave her. Unable to handle the sorrow alone, she turns to her best friend, Liam, for comfort. He’s always taken care of her when she was in pain, but now, for some reason, neither of them can contain their desire, and they end up spending the night together. The next morning before they part ways, they promise to forget the whole thing and stay friends. But now Jo is pregnant…and Liam is insisting they get married. Jo believes it’s only for the sake of the baby, but could it mean more?

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keeping secrets and jumping the gun 3  3

The hero and heroine are childhood friends through thick and thin. They have maintained a close relationship and for some reason have pointed out the flaws in the other's partners. One night, the hero rushes to the heroine's apartment because the heroine called for him in a state of tears. It seems that her fiancée of two years has broken up with her and she's deeply hurt. Now, coitus happens with things being awkward afterwards. They don't see each other ( but they do talk) for three months later till a dinner with their families brings them together. He finds out that the whole family plus his own know the heroine is pregnant but he's just finding out. In his state of shock, he reveals their night together and where crud hits one fan, it hit five fans. The heroine's dad hits the hero, fights breaks out, and the heroine puts this wall up with the hero. Personally, I found it unfair for the hero because this is the heroine's fault. She's figured out at least that she's a month along and despite knowing the closeness in their families , she not only doesn't give the hero at the very least of a heads up but keeps it from him. She doesn't seem to realize the discord she sowed till later. She denies any help from the hero because of this "Suzanna" he talks about, even though in his letters he states she's a business associate. Yet, she shuts him out so much that she even turns back to the Ex/ now this great friend for help. The hero has to keep trying be there but she goes on about how he doesn't need to sacrifice his lifestyle for the child. It's pitiful of how she thinks and acts for him when he's just been stating the otherwise. The man even admits that he's dreamed of the heroine in a sensual sense. The heroine finally gets a wake up call of her stubborn actions and thinking when the hero's mother collapses from the stress and seeing the hero's father take it all out on him. She finally sees the hero has been made out as the villain by everyone based on her decision. The heroine knows that she loves the hero as more than a friend but she's too afraid of taking the gamble of exposing her feelings to the hero in fear he won't respond the same. Then the hero asks her for a fake engagement in order to help the mother recover quicker and she agrees then to a marriage too. They seem to be making headway till "Suzanna" comes to town with the intent of getting the hero but not for all the things the heroine thinks. Her doubt causes her to again run away from the EX, instead of giving the hero the sit down or at least a confrontation. He has to be the one who confronts her and she tells him. He hits the bulls eye on the heroine being jealous and tries to explain but the heroine won't let him. Instead, she goes through with wedding. Here's the cherry on top: right after the ceremony, she overhears the hero's father all upset because the hero manipulated the heroine's feelings to marry him. Hero doesn't care because of the end result. The heroine doesn't want to hear anymore because of the hero's words, so she runs off and misses the hero admitting he loves her. He catches her listening in and it breaks out into a fight with the divorce ending it all. Months pass and the heroine is one month away from due date and out with friends. She's cut off any connection to family and frankly I'm surprised the hero's father didn't go to speak on his son's behalf since he was witness to the whole thing. They see each other at the restaurant, the hero pulls the heroine away to talk, and the heroine goes into labor. It's there that she actually turns to the hero for support during this frightening time and he holds her close and helps her. The baby is born early and healthy. The whole thing finally gives the hero and heroine a chance to actually talk things over after three weeks of baby in incubation. She reveals overhearing some of the conversation and the hero reveals his confession of love. She stupidly asks, "Why didn't you tell me?", I was so glad that he responded that she wouldn't listen. A lot more things are cleared up and by the end of the book, the hero asks the heroine to marry him again and she says yes. The story was alright but I was tired of the heroine with all her flight moments and putting the hero between a rock and a hard place.

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