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She has to work with her ex, but he doesn’t have to know she still loves him!

Bett, a Broadway actress, was scammed out of all of her money by her former manager. She sees a casting call for Girl in a Dark Room, a play with painful memories for her, but being broke and desperate for work, she decides to audition. The screenwriter for this play, Edward McCullough, was Bett’s first love and the man who abandoned her for fame and more experienced women. When they reunite six years later, she pretends to be a woman who’s willing to use a man with talent and fortune—she doesn’t want him to know that she’s still a virgin…or that she’s still hopelessly in love with him…

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the line between theater and life 3  3

The hero and heroine are two lovers reunited through theater. They meet when they were younger but the hero ended the relationship because he didn't want to marry or anything, which clashed with the heroine's dreams of marriage and kids. They don't see each other for six years till the heroine sees auditions for a play that was her first big break in theater. She goes for it because she's lost her money from her bad manager. When they are reunited, the hero comments if the heroine is truly there to act or to get them back and she states she's here to act. The hero does hire her but is really hard with criticizing her every acting move that has mixed responses from the cast and crew. When a fellow actor calls him out on his behavior, he states he's hard on the heroine because he sees the her potential and wants to make it come alive. Plus, he states how he's never forgotten her these past six years. Then somehow they retrace their steps in their relationship. The heroine goes along with it, despite knowing she's just going to get hurt again. The hero even opens up about his parents and their cold treatment towards him. They have a great time but I really didn't like how the heroine didn't insist on protection because she could get pregnant and the hero states he doesn't want kids (this is putting aside the fact she has no idea about his infertility). However, the hero finds himself falling back in love with the heroine again and sets some distance apart. After he leaves, the heroine discovers she's pregnant but the hero states he can't have kids, so she must have cheated on him. It's because before he met the heroine, he married a nobility girl who wanted the fertility test. "They" told him that he's infertile and she divorced him. Now, here's a brilliant question that's never answered; who "they"? The doctors or the family members? I just found it interesting that "They" came up and not "I discovered/learned/found out". So, they separate on bad terms but the heroine keeps on acting to get money but they can't get paid till the end. The lack of food and vitamins takes a toll on her and she faints, revealing her pregnancy to the rest of the cast and crew. Luckily, she wakes up and finds out they're not going to fire her and she can keep on acting. She also discovers the hero putting groceries in her flat. He tells her that he'll marry and accept the baby as his own but she rejects his proposal. It's because she doesn't want that life nor can be sure the hero will be different from how his father treated him. Her rejection has the hero reflect on everything and he actually orders another test to be done. Funnily, he doesn't open the results because he saw a premonition of a child having combined physical features of the heroine and himself. During their time apart, the hero falls into depression and the heroine learns her payment and medical coverage haven't been coming from the theater but from the hero's own pocket. She goes to see the hero and finds his place trashed. She finds his latest script and sees it's all about her as well as his unopened medical results. The hero wakes ups and states he knows the heroine's baby is his because of the he saw the future and even said it was a little girl when the heroine just learned the gender yesterday. He confesses his love for the heroine and asks for her forgiveness. She forgives and we skip to a nice wedding, then a cute baby, and an ending with cupcakes. It was an alright story.

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