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They come from different worlds. Can they create their own world to share?

Destiny is a gifted trainer of horses, but her father and stepmother control her every move. So she agrees to a job overseas in order to earn the money she needs to become independent. The sheikh of Kezoban’s prize horse has refused to leave the palace grounds ever since a traumatic incident. Sheikh Zafir Al Asmari has a wild streak, but Destiny can tell that he, too, needs to heal from the trauma of losing his sister. She wants to help him…and she finds herself attracted to him at the same time. Destiny knows their worlds are too different to reconcile, but if she can be his mistress for a time, maybe that will be enough…

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Interesting about how the two people's issues were about focused on the subject of control. For example, the reason the heroine took the job at double the price was to earn enough money for herself to get away from her controlling father and stepmother from using her skills to rake in the money as well as giving her a pittance of income. The hero is suffering from the after math of trying to control his sister in going for a political marriage rather than a marriage of love. She refuses and runs off with her horse. Sadly, he bucks her and she falls onto the ground, home to poisonous snakes. A snake bites her and she dies. This is where the heroine comes in of helping the horse (and hero) heal from the loss of the sister. During this time, the two fall for each other slowly but the hero only offers a position since he has to have a political marriage for his country. The heroine is an adult, giving the okay to the arrangement. The two fight over their emotions of giving into their love for each other with the big obstacle factors being the hero's country comes first like the heroine's freedom. Then the hero pushes for a month long liaison with the heroine. Again, the heroine an adult and chooses to go along. However, during their days together results in conception that's unknown to the heroine but figured out by the maid. She tells the hero and he tells the heroine but doesn't believe, thinking it's heatstroke until she faints and is verified. Now, the hero wants to marry but the heroine is fears this will be like her parents' marriage when her mother pushed her father to marry but she ended up in an unhappy marriage. So, the heroine starts saying all these things to make the hero hate her and it works but he still won't let her go until after she gives birth. They go through the engagement party but it's only after the party the two have a sit down and a shout out. The hero is able to understand the heroine's fears and her declaration of love for after listening to her. He opens up about his fears from bringing her into his life and having her hurt like his sister even though he loves her so much. They're able to get their feelings across and stay together to where we see them on the last page with their newborn child. It was a nice ending.

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