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A vacation romance has left Charlotte with a tiny but precious souvenir!

Hoping to get over her breakup, Charlotte takes the trip of her dreams to Italy. While drowning her sorrows at a bar, she catches someone’s eye. Someone’s very, very attractive eye. The man—Lucio—stands out in a crowd and seems brimming with confidence. His vivacity instantly steals Charlotte’s heart and they spend a passionate, magical night together. The next morning he leaves without a word. Charlotte finds this odd, but not shocking. She knows she’ll remember that night all her life, but life, she assumes, will go on as it always has. At least, it will until she discovers that she’s pregnant!

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3.5 not too bad 4  4

It was a one night stand for the hero and heroine when they meet and both consented to the whole thing. They just didn't expect that little count down of nine months. I did like that the heroine was upfront with the hero about being pregnant and no secrets. She did take his silence as an answer of no when he was just processing the information that he's going to be a dad. There is a bit of a squabble but the heroine lets it go when hearing his side. They go to dinner to talk on go on what each other wants for the baby and themselves. The hero convinces her to come live with him. He does tells her about his half mother-in-law and half adoptive mother who is a wonderful woman. She welcomes the heroine into the home, makes her feel comfortable, and exclaims how happy she is to have the heroine in their lives. The heroine is so comforted and taken in by the woman's kindness that she immediately develops a bond with her. For most of the story, the hero and heroine work through their feelings on where they stand for each other and how they really feel. Whether their feelings pertain to more than just friends and parents of a child but in a romantic and life long commitment sense. They work through getting to know where their values lie among other things. For example, gives them a chance to learn about each other's past like the hero's father working for bad guys and how his mother supported him. Then how he ran away, met the family, was engaged to the daughter, and what happened on the day of her accident. I was a little torn with the hero stating in public he wants to marry the heroine but yet he's not sure to make the decision. There's nothing wrong with having those or telling someone like the heroine; I just thought in such a public place, might have not been the best place. The whole thing actually sends the hero on a two month hiatus with the heroine contemplating on what to do. When he finally comes back, the heroine has a fall down the stairs in front of the hero. That gave him a much needed shock to throw out his logic and realize he loves the heroine for the heroine. He even shouts out she's his wife. Thankfully, the heroine and baby girl pull through. When it comes to names, the heroine wants to name her after the hero's dead fiancée. The hero asks if it's because she thinks he loves the fiancée and not her. The heroine states it's because the fiancée is a part of his life and she wants them to keep loving her. The hero finally confesses his love for the heroine. They have an intimate moment and we skip five months later where the hero and heroine are on their honeymoon in the city where they first met. It was a nice ending and not a bad harlequin comic.

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