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He treats her like a sister. How can she make him see she’s a woman?

Ethan woke up with a hangover and was shocked to see a woman sleeping next to him—his friend’s little sister, Rosie! Did he get drunk and have a one-night stand? Rosie smiled at the shocked Ethan. It looked like her plan was successful. Ethan was her brother’s best friend and he’d always treated Rosie like a little sister. He has no idea that Rosie has been in love with him ever since they were little. But she doesn’t want him to treat her like his sister anymore! She’ll seduce him and make him hers!

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quite nice 4  4

The heroine and hero have been friends for a long time with the heroine's older brother being the go between. The heroine has held a torch for the hero for years but let it go when he got engaged. That is until his bride jilted him and eloped with the heroine's brother. So, the hero gets betrayed by both best friend and bride then left with the pity looks from everyone. The whole thing has made him change in perspective of trust and love. Thankfully, he's not one of those idiot heroes who takes the heroine as his leverage of revenge or something stupid. He stills holds her up in high regard. Unfortunately, the heroine only wants the hero himself but we can see he's a once bitten twice shy guy. A year after the jilted wedding, the hero wakes up to find the heroine in his bed. A lot of things are jumped to conclusion but the heroine does reveal later on that nothing happened. She does tell him that nothing happened but decides to make her move on the hero. She gives an idea and deadline for him to give an answer. During this time, he sees her with other men that has his jealousy meter go up; even though, it's men who he considers friends/brothers. I liked seeing how the hero has helpers in figuring out his feelings and finding out things he didn't know. He learns about how the heroine has cut off all contact from her brother till the hero is fully healed. This plus a warning from their good friend to not hurt the heroine. He finally realizes that it's been Rosie he's been in love with (his subconscious finally broke through). So, after everyone leaves, the he pulls the heroine aside where they finally reveal their feelings. Yet, I was a little disappointed that right after coitus, the heroine talks about when they're getting married. For me and the hero, I felt that it was going way too quick. I realize that she's taking a gamble since it's going to be harder for him to go along with anything related to wedding and you're giving him the ultimatum. But Woman!! You just hooked the prize, reel him in slowly or he'll thrash against the your pull. He agrees but only to a courthouse wedding against the heroine's big wedding. Their conversation ends on a cool standby. It does take a conversation with an acquaintance for the heroine to remember the hero's aversion to social gatherings and feel little guilty. Then she gets caught in a fire hazard that the hero hears about. He rushes over, hearing heroine is stuck in the burning building. The fear of losing her, has him shout out how he can't lose her right in front of the heroine who got out in time. He pulls her in for a tight hug but they head to the hospital. Once, the heroine is cleared, she tells the hero that they can have whatever wedding he wants because she sees how hard it is for him. The hero is touched but he wants to give the woman he loves the wedding of her dreams. So, the day of the wedding, the hero decks the whole chapel out in flowers, invites everyone, and even invites the heroine's brother and the hero's jilted fiancée. The four make amends and the hero and heroine have a happy wedding. I rather liked how it went.

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