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Olivia must remember that she is a placeholder in Aziz’s life. That she’ll have to let him go when the time comes.

Olivia works as a housekeeper at an estate in Paris. The estate keeps only the bare minimum of employees, and the master of the house is nearly always absent. She has never met him face-to-face. For Olivia, who prefers to live quietly and do her work in peace, this is perfect, but then she’s told that the estate’s owner wants to speak with her, and, before she knows it, she’s flying to a desert kingdom. She’s surprised to learn her boss is Sheikh Aziz! He has decided, based on the quality of her work, that he can rely on her, so he asks her to stand in for his fiancée, a queen who has been kidnapped, and play the part of his betrothed!

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If you love this one your gonna love the older half brothers story too. 5  5

Love this book. I love these kind of books that has connections to other books too. Happy the author finally finish with the brother's side of the story n his love story too.

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it was nice. 4  4

The hero hires his mysterious private home Parisian housekeeper of six years to play body double of his fiancee, who's not only a queen with her own country but has been kidnapped by his disinherited brother. The hero sees the heroine is perfect for the role since she has not only proven loyal through her work but being a diplomat's daughter has given her the education of proper manners. The heroine goes along with the scheme under the conditioned that she won't lose her job as housekeeper. The hero is honest with the heroine about the kidnapping situation is his half-brother as an act for being disinherited from the palace as a small child. It all started thanks to the hero's mother who wanted the half-brother and his mother out of the way since the Sheikh at the time favored them above all else. She starts a rumor that the half-brother isn't the sheikh's son and the sheikh has both brother and mother banished from the palace in order to appease his counsel even though he didn't want to. Sadly, the banished title got them outcasted and cruelly mistreated by their clan. So, the brother wants his place on the throne as well as wanting revenge against the hero and his mother. It doesn't matter to him that the hero had no part, he's merely the symbol of the brother's pain. The same can be said for the hero because he knows that he's only seen as a substitute for the brother and not only did his father never give him that same attention as the brother, he even put it in his will to give the brother a chance at the throne. The hero of course doesn't want to give up the throne. The heroine stays on as a proxy when she overhears the situation of the kidnapping could escalate to terrorism. She tries keep her emotions in check but the hero sees in her songs that there's to her than what meets the eye. It lights a spark between them that they both try to bury. He even reveals his engagement with the fiancee is simply a contract. The heroine learns more about the hero's past through the eyes of third person. She learns about the Sheikh losing himself after banishing the brother that the bad guys took advantage of wrecking havoc. The heroine sees that the hero is like herself it came to her parents. Then comes the big thing when the half-brother is bringing the fiancee to reveal the imposter and the hero has an ace of a letter from the hero's mother that reveals the hero isn't the sheikh's biological father and therefore has no claim to the throne. However, the heroine stops him and states the hero and brother need to come together for a sit down since from what she has seen and heard, it's what the sheikh wanted for both brother to work together. She manages to convince him by having him marry her then use her to lure out the brother. The whole thing works and the both men see each other in a better light. The hero destroys evidence of the hero's paternity. Then the heroine takes a bold action by revealing her past. She was a child of traveling diplomats who micromanaged her life that the piano became her passion and her gateway to falling in love with her music teacher as a teenager. Their relationship was opposed but she eloped with the man. It didn't stop her parents from pressuring them so much that the guy took off and left the pregnant heroine. Then her baby was forcefully taken from her and given up for adoption by her parents by abusing their authority. The whole loss made her lose her passion for the piano and life that she wanted to hide away and it's why she took the housekeeping job. It's quite a sweet moment between the hero and the heroine with how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The heroine says yes to his proposal but there are a few more hurdles to overcome. One of them being that the hero has to reveal his charade to the public but thankfully, the brother is there to stand by his side. The brother renounces his right to the throne. Months later, they all have a big party and the heroine finally gets to meet her son. It was a real nice ending.

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