Historical Romance IN DEBT TO THE EARL

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Growing up in luxury, Lucy never dreamed she’d become a street performer…or an earl’s mistress!

Lucy was born into a high-class family, but her father’s gambling addiction brought the family to financial ruin before he disappeared. Now Lucy plays violin in London alleyways in order to put food on the table. One day a tall, handsome gentleman appears at Lucy’s home. He’s the Earl of Cambourne and, with a grim face, he informs Lucy that her father owes him an enormous amount of money. Lucy can no longer work because of an injury, so the earl suggests she become his mistress instead!

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nice historical romance 4  4

The heroine is in a destitute situation thanks to her gambling father and her stingy uncle that have led her to play her violin for pennies, while dressed as a man. When the father messes with the hero, he disappears. The hero searches all over and eventually barges into the heroine's poor abode. Sadly, his presence makes the landlady think the heroine is doing other "businesses" and raises the rent. The heroine gets beaten and ends up in a feverish state. When the hero finds her, he gets a scolding from one of the street kids she works with of what a negative impact his presence has. The hero is fearful for the heroine's reputation that might be forced to changed to prostitution. He thinks the best way is to make her his mistress as a way to protect her. The reason why is because his uncle and his mistress are in love but they can't marry because she's a commoner. I don't think the English Church would have denied them a martial union because of society norms (neither are married nor divorce. Plus, the church is a separate state.) Not to mention that the hero isn't royalty, so it's only society. During this time, the father's shady associates learn of the heroine's existence and beauty. They decide to lay a trap and sell the heroine off. The hero starts coming by with gifts from firewood to music sheets. Then he brings up the mistress agreement with an extended date for the heroine to give her answer. The heroine decides to reject it till she finds the boy she works with beaten up. She decides to accept it on the condition the hero take the boy under his wing. Then she overhears the hero's plan of catching her father and sees that she's been used by the hero. So, she rejects him and goes home. Then the father's bosses come with a fake loan note and take the heroine to a brothel to be sold. Luckily her street friend finds out and warns the hero in time to save the heroine. They catch the big bad fishes and the hero takes her home. The heroine asks if the mistress proposal is still up on the table and the hero takes her question as a yes. They have a hot night but by morning the hero looks over the mistress agreement and finds himself unable to see the heroine as anything but his wife. So, he tells the heroine that he's going to marry her. The heroine reveals her heritage, making it easier for the hero to marry. We get that happy ending and it was a good story to read.

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