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Serena isn’t sure who Nikos really is…all she knows is he wants to marry her!

Three months after her vacation on the Greek island of Santorini, Serena noticed her body changing. She’s pregnant and the father is the man she broke up with when her trip ended. She doesn’t want to make poor fisherman Nikos take responsibility… But when she visits Santorini again, she is shocked to learn that Nikos is the CEO of one of Greece’s leading marine transportation companies! What on earth is going on? Nikos is stern, a completely different man from the Nikos of three months ago. He says he doesn’t want his child to be born out of wedlock, and Serena has no idea how to respond!

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a slow build 4  4

The hero and heroine were a short summer fling. It ended badly but their time together ended them up with a package from the stork. When the heroine found out, she went to see the hero who was the fisherman is actually a shipping tycoon. She does send him a message to tell him to meet and he assumes the worst: she's pregnant. Once the heroine confirms his fears, the hero throws a lot of accusations at her. For example; she did it on purpose, trapping him, etc. The heroine tries to leave since his words ticked her off but he won't allow her since the baby is now his heir. The hero proposes a marriage of convenience for the child but the heroine rejects the notion till the hero brings up paying for her sister fertility treatments. The hero is desperate to have his child live in a house with two parents because he remembers living in a broken home. I did like that we get to see both sides of the characters when facing the same situations and everyday events. We see that the hero was abandoned by his mother and raised for a certain period by his alcoholic father till his grandparents saved him and loved him. Sadly, the whole thing has pushed him to raise walls and values that he can't be loved. The hero's not the only one who wasn't raised in a happy home. The heroine is a product of a marriage that was on a brink of a divorce. However, her arrival delayed it that had her mother turn her hatred towards the heroine as a child. The heroine only had her big sister but the no love environment caused her to shy away. Now, the heroine agrees and they start their fake happy couple for the world to see. We do get to see that their bond slowly build from talking about their pasts but there are obstacles like words and actions. Sadly, once the hero learns of the heroine's past, he thinks they should separate because he's forcing her into a marriage like her parents. Two weeks pass and the hero's past is plastered every paparazzi rag like his mother abandoning him. The hero thinks it's the heroine but they're able to figure out it was one of his rivals who took the heroine's small answer of where the hero and her met to conduct his own investigation. The whole outburst does give the opening for the hero's emotional outburst of pain and yearning to be loved in front of the heroine. She pulls in him for a hug and tells him he can love. It's a very warming and loving scene between the two and they confess their love. We moved forward to where the hero's mother comes to refute the rumors. We get from short description that her marriage was a very bad one with divorce as only option. She explains that she said all those things to keep the hero away but she's vague on why. Then we skip to the scene where the main couple's son is getting baptized with everyone around to celebrate. It was a very happy occasion.

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