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Oliver is insufferable and haughty…yet Francesca can’t resist him!

As the granddaughter of a duke, Francesca is expected to proceed with an arranged marriage. But right before her wedding day, her fiancé abandons her! Unable to handle the pity and inquisitive stares of those around her, she leaves Venice and heads to England where she meets an arrogant novelist named Oliver. He shows up at her welcome party and overwhelms her with gray eyes the color of ice. Despite a horrible first impression, Francesca and Oliver end up working together on his upcoming novel… Could their working relationship become something more?

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I prefer strawberries over tomatoes 3  3

The heroine hasn't had it easy ever since the day she had to go back to her father's family in Italy. The very family who he left when they didn't bless his marriage to his English bride. Then the father gets sick and the father has to go back to take up his duties but I have no idea of whether he was a doormat or not. I mean his wife endures all kinds of insults from how she dresses, cooks, raises the heroine, and etc. I mean she takes it for her husband but I wanted the both of them to lay out their own conditions. Plus, these Italian aristocrats complain about how the mother's food is bland because it's English. Those idiots must not know the imported fruit like Strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries, raspberries, pears, and apples originate from England. I just wanted to make a delicious looking Italian (but really British) dessert with all the fruits listed above, feed it to them, and then grace their minds with the knowledge that the meal they just enjoyed is English origin. It'd be like Minnie's chocolate pie from "The Help". Hahahahahaha! Moving on, the heroine sadly follows the mother and father's example and bends to the will of the grandfather of doing everything he commands. Perfect example: marry the man he chose. She almost does but the wedding is called off because the man was already married and in secret. Yet, her family blames the whole thing on her like she was the one with the big secret. Fortunately, she's been given "permission" to travel to her mother's country and vacation there. She meets some family that she stays with and they invite some friends over like the hero. The hero takes it the wrong way that they're trying to set him up with the heroine, who he sees as an Italian high society snob. So, he's practically rude to her throughout dinner. The heroine grows a backbone and tells him up straight that she's not interested in him and gave a summary of the debacle she's suffered. It makes the evening really awkward for hosts and guests. The next day, the heroine runs into the hero and he apologizes for his behavior. He asks for her knowledge on Italian history for his next book. She agrees and becomes his employee. They have a rollercoaster of a relationship since the hero is growing attracted to the heroine and doesn't want to put himself out there since his ex-wife's betrayal (stated their daughter wasn't his and showed proof by DNA). Eight years have passed and this is the first time he's felt this way and it scares him. He lashes out at the heroine on and off till their mutual feelings for each other are made clear. They cross the line of employee/employer and become lovers. They even open up to each other. Sadly, the heroine's scheming uncle comes knocking on the hero's door. He brags about the heroine's next engagement and it's time for her to come home. The hero blocks out everything the heroine has told him about not wanting to be engaged or forced to do anything by her family's command. He kicks her out of the house and she goes back home sadly. When the grandfather tells her of the engagement to a forty some year drunk playboy, the heroine puts up her hand in stop sign. She tells him to shove off and tells her parents that she's making her own path. Her parents support her and give her their old English home where she becomes a biographer for a duke. I was giving her so many claps for standing up and taking initiative. Months pass by and the heroine gets the surprise of seeing the hero standing on her doorstep. He's come to apologize for all the harsh things he said to her. Apparently, the man was looking for any excuse to distance himself away from her and the uncle provided one. Once, he calmed down from his anger, he realized the flaws in the uncle's speech and the terrible mistake he made. He ran all over Europe to find her. Now, he's confesses his love and wants to be with the heroine through matrimony. She says yes and we get that happy ending. The grandfather is okay with it because he loves the hero's book and I hope they served a lot of English food at the wedding with the heroine's mother in charge.

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