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Will Ellie make Leonizio’s dream of fatherhood come true?

Ellie, who works at a law firm, is at her wits’ end with the problematic divorce her client Leonizio, an Italian businessman, is facing. His wife is pregnant and he doesn’t want to give up his parental rights. However, a prenatal DNA test has proved that Leonizio is not the baby’s father. He had pinned his hopes on the baby, so he takes the news hard. Ellie ends up crossing a line when she comforts him over his wife’s betrayal and the overwhelming despondency he feels after the divorce… She has no idea that she will end up carrying his baby.

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well done and well paced 5  5

The heroine is the hero's divorce lawyer and the bearer of bad news in the beginning of the book. The hero is in the middle of a divorce from his materialistic wife with the only thing left to fight is their unborn child. The hero wants custody but the heroine brings him the news that he has no ground to stand on because he's not the father of the baby but the woman's lover before and after their marriage. If I was his lawyer, I would have made sure the woman didn't get a penny because she used him and took advantage of his emotions. The hero is heartbroken by the loss and goes off with the heroine coming after him later. She finds the hero drenched from the rain and takes him back to his place. The hero's pain and the heroine's sympathy stemming from something she too faced from a past relationship leads to the hot night. They separate and the divorce ends quickly. Almost a month and half later, the heroine discovers she's pregnant and waits two weeks before going to the hero to tell him the news. It's probably because she was still processing and theorizing the hero's reaction. The hero of course is jumping over the moon in excitement that she's pregnant. However, he pulls up the marriage factor, causing the heroine to put up the stop sign. She doesn't want marriage since her parent's was a disaster, seeing other people's marriage ruined because she's a divorce lawyer, and she doesn't want to give up her job and home. There's also the plus factor that she believes the hero isn't in love with her. They learn more about each other, and have some fun at the sites. Their relationship grows but the heroine sees an old photo of the hero smiling at the ex and thinks the man is still in love with her. She seems to forget that the photo was taken before the hero discovered the woman's adultery. Next, the heroine goes home with the hero coming along and finding a place to live. They keep on building the relationship but hit a snag when they see the hero's ex at a restaurant and it ruffles some feathers. The ex saw them too because she comes strutting into the heroine's office and tells her about how the hero is untrustworthy and such. I know that the heroine has doubts but she shouldn't take it from the woman who was cheating on the hero throughout their marriage and it was with her lover before she met the hero. Plus, the heroine knows what the woman was demanding in the divorce that she had no claim to. Additionally, why would the woman go out of her to her ex-husband's divorce attorney unless she wanted the poor man to be miserable. Sadly, the heroine takes the OW's words into consideration. Their relationship takes a couple of steps back and the heroine tells the hero to go back home and they'll maintain a distant relationship. The distance actually does some good because they realize that they miss the other and want to be in each other's lives. A medical scare pushes the heroine to call the hero and he comes running. The whole thing gives them a chance to re-evaluate their relationship and try at living again. Luckily, the scare is over and they spend the next 2-3 months waiting for their child's birth together. Then the heroine goes into early labor and delivers a small but healthy girl (still has to go into incubation). We get another medical scare that prompts our couple to say those three little words to each other. It was very sweet and I loved the year skip epilogue with the wedding and such. It was definitely a good book to read.

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