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She spent a night of passion with a millionaire, but now she’s pregnant with a convict’s child!

In a huge villa in Sicily, Emma works as a housekeeper for millionaire Larenzo. One night, he returns home without notice, weary and disheartened. Seeking to ease his worries, Emma consoles him, and before she knows it, they’ve spent a night of passion together. The very next day the police suddenly show up at the door and drag them both away! While she is released, Larenzo is ultimately sentenced to a heavy prison term. Meanwhile a baby has already begun to grow inside of Emma!

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It was nice. 4  4

The heroine has been the hero’s housekeeper for over half a year till he shows up one night out of the blue. Strange things go from there like a passionate night but it ends with the police dragging the hero out the door for illegal activities and connections to the mafia. It all shocks the heroine but her unexpected pregnancy does more. She has the baby and 10 months later, just as she’s getting back in the workforce, the heroine finds the hero at the door. He’s been recently released thanks to his lawyers finding the true culprit. The hero finds out about the baby and it leads to a small and quick spat. They are able to come to an agreement of the heroine coming to live with the hero to give him time to spend with her. During this living arrangement, the heroine and hero deal with their walls from the heroine’s estrangement from her mother to the hero growing up on the streets. The heroine also discovers the sad truth that the perpetrator who used the hero as a scapegoat was the very man who helped the hero get off the streets. He was the mentor/father figure to the hero. She encourages the hero to face the man and it’s a bitter pill to swallow. The guy goads the hero about using him and him being unloved. The hero goes back to the heroine, ranting about not being able to trust then leaves her. She goes after him and states she’s not giving up on him. Next, she gives him the Christmas gift of a their family photo. Then his little girl toddles to him and says dada. Those things give the hero enough courage to confess he does love them and make an effort to make their family works. I found it to be a very nice ending.

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