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Twin sisters with opposite personalities… Which one will the prince choose?

Ever since they were kids, Alessandra has felt inferior to her twin sister, Dea, who’s naturally charming, beautiful and the life of the party. Alessandra’s college boyfriend broke her heart by dropping her the moment he met Dea, and ever since, Alessandra has thrown herself into her research. Then one day a man named Rini appears. He’s like a prince straight out of a fairy tale. He greets Alessandra and steals her heart in an instant. But when Alessandra learns that he met Dea first, she figures it’s all over. But what if she’s wrong about what Rini really wants?

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3.5 Diving for love 4  4

The hero is the big brother from the previous comic, "The Billionaire's baby swap,". He meets the heroine's sister at a party and she feels a connection but he doesn't. He's more like, "One more person I've met." He unexpectedly, goes to her mansion to go scuba diving with the heroine. The heroine is suffering from the aftermath of being jilted by her lover for her sister. The sister never gave indication of stealing nor wanting to be with him since he broke her twin heroine's heart. Yet, she hasn't even spoken to her sister in a year because of the incident. The heroine feels terrible but she can't pick up the phone nor can she trust any men unless they're dad or college colleagues. The hero makes the first mistake with the heroine by mistaking her for her sister. She can't believe it with her bleached hair and tan skin that the hero would mistake her for her model sister. The hero goes diving with the heroine to see if there are any ruins that would keep his oil company from drilling. The heroine doesn't trust him but over time, she starts developing a level of trust in him. She his love by how he loves his little nephews. She even starts falling in love with him by the time they find some big ruins. When the hero states he wants to date her, she wants to date him too. Her thoughts change when she runs back home and overhears her sister tell their dad that she's found the man of her dreams and it's the hero. She didn't take in the fact the sister said they only met once under her fake name. The sister is fine if the hero chooses the heroine because she knows he will treat her right unlike her last man. The heroine is torn and she decides to give the hero up to the sister. She does this because she wants the sister to get the man and not get hurt for both of them. The hero is miserable over the heroine's rejection. Even more so when she rejects him for a second time when she comes to give him papers to sign so he can be accredited for his participation in finding the ruins. The hero finds out that during his time with the heroine, the sister was looking for him and it was unlikely. He finds a friend who states it's not his fault that two women fell in love with him and that it's the heroine's choice. All the hero has to do is keep telling her he loves her. The sister finally confronts the heroine and states she's not going to be a shut-in because the hero chose the heroine and for the heroine to go after the hero. Then there's an earthquake that the sister uses to her advantage. She calls the hero about the heroine being injured during the earthquake. She knows that this will cause him to panic and race to the heroine. During his run, the heroine and her sister finally repair their sister bond. Right then, the hero comes in on his helicopter and pulls the heroine in for a hug. He confesses his love for her and to show how much, he reveals his big dark secret that not even his sister knows: he's unable to have children. The heroine doesn't care because as long as she has the hero then she has everything. They have a nice ending to the wedding.

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