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Could handsome Franco Chatsfield be something more than all the rumors would suggest?

Holly lost her parents as a little girl; since then, her grandfather, who runs a winery, has been her sole guardian and making wine has become her life. Her efforts have paid off and her wines are receiving good reviews. When the high-end Chatsfield hotel chain offers a generous amount of money to make a deal with her, her grandfather is very happy about it, but she has a bad feeling. And her gut feeling turns out to be spot-on. Franco Chatsfield appears from nowhere, demanding she enter into a contract. She doesn’t want to be associated with a family so steeped in gossip. She declines the offer, and yet his charm is starting to win her over!

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good wine and romance 4  4

The hero is sent to a vineyard in order to secure a contract for his estranged family but the heroine who is the owner bluntly and harshly refuses his offer. It's because she thinks that he'll be the same as the last guy who came with an offer for the vineyard. When her grandfather who was in charge at the time refused, the man set out to smear their vineyard's good name everywhere. The man nearly drove them to bankruptcy. She also thinks being in business with the hero's family will degrade the value of their wine because of all the scandals that the hero's father and brothers are embroiled in. It takes some broken bones and a wedding portrait of the heroine's family for them to find enough common ground order to strike up a deal. The hero offers his services as a pruner for the grapes and if he shows himself to be anything than less appropriate then the deal is off. The heroine can't say no but she's surprised that the hero does have the skills he claimed to have. I did like it when she apologized for her harsh words on the hero's family. They slowly learn about each other's past with the heroine losing many family members till it was just her grandfather and her. The hero opens about just how distant his family, specifically his siblings are to each other. They also learn from other sources of the heroine's bad ex and the hero's dead little girl. I did like that the heroine realized her hatred from the ex had clouded her judgement when it came to the hero and his family. They get away from everyone when they head to Sydney for a huge wine gala with the heroine being listed as one of the top candidates. It gives them a chance to become more open and intimate. She wins the award but finds out about the hero's deal with the family of getting dividends. Their relationship ends quietly and sadly for the both of them. It takes a photograph for the heroine to look deeper into the hero's past and discovers the sad truth. The hero did state that he was married but she learns he had a child. A child that died from kidney disease, despite the hero giving his own kidney to save her. She figures out that the money was to donate to the ward for research in honor of his daughter. The hero does come back when he finds out the heroine actually did sign the contract with the hero's family's company. The two have a heart to heart talk about everything up to where the hero confesses his love for the heroine. She confesses that she loves him too and we have a wonderful ending. I rather liked how it played out.

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